I’m szilvia lanzas

The Bottle Aversion Coach

No More Battles! No More Dream-Feeding!  $32 (PDF file)

It’s for bottle-fed babies. If you are breastfeeding and want your baby to take the bottle, it’s not for you.

Gentle Bottle Aversion Solution

A step-by-step process to go from struggling with bottle aversion to a joyful and intimate feeding experience. 

A Method, That's Easy To Follow

No more battles! No more dream-feeding! No more days revolving around your baby’s feeding!

Gentle Bottle Aversion Solution

A Step-By-Step Method To Solve Your Baby’s Bottle Aversion

If you are worried about your baby getting dehydrated, there is a section in the book dedicated to helping you avoid dehydration. 
It’s not “just” an ebook. It’s a step-by-step system you can follow to go from struggling with bottle aversion to a joyful and intimate feeding experience. .

Everybody can do it right now in their own home.

A step by step process to make it easy to replicate.

A process that teaches parents the skill to identify the specific trigger that causes their baby to refuse the bottle.

Treats every baby as an individual and is flexible enough to modify as needed.

It creates a deeper bond and peace instead of more anxiety and stress.

Have extra support available if required.

What Other Amazing Mamas Say

“I wanna say thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and guidance through this emotional time! I honestly couldn’t see us succeed, and it was always going to be a battle, but your words of wisdom and non-judgment helped me believe that it was going to happen. I just needed to be patient. Your daughter and husband are extremely lucky to have you!”

Thuy T

I want to thank Szilvia! We followed her steps and within a few days we could already see such great progress.

My daughter was really looking forward to the bottle and opened her mouth wider than ever before! She is like a predator who really wants his bottle 😂

Before, she had a total dislike and immediately turned her head away and was totally under tension. She usually only drank between 40-60ml and currently it’s more like 70-140ml depending on how hungry she is. we went from around 500-550ml to 660-850ml. it’s a completely different feeding experince!

We are so glad we found Szilvia! my baby has completely changed for the better when it comes to drinking and the bottle.

Nowadays she even cries when she wants the bottle and when she sees the bottle she wants it immediately and grabs it and thats something we never had before.

A precious mama who wanted to stay anonymous

After our baby second month vaccines we struggled feeding her, she would cry so much that we ended up feeding only when she is asleep.

I took her to few doctors and all of them diagnosed her with reflux. My intuition was telling me that this diagnosis is wrong as she was not showing the signs, except of low milk intake and refusing to be fed.

Then I went on researching online and I learned about Szilvia’s method. I bought the book and followed every step religiously.

Our baby improved from the second day onwards. From a crying baby, she became a happy baby that drinks her milk fully awake.

We are so grateful to Szilvia and we can’t thank her enough.