Consultation with support

Szilvia Lanzas – The Bottle Aversion Coach

Gentle Bottle Aversion Solution Consultation for babies 7 weeks – 13 months

Go from dreading every feeding to looking forward to bonding with your baby during feeds. Do this without your baby losing too much weight in the process.

You may have tried many different things and consulted with medical professionals. You are probably at your wit’s end and unsure who to trust anymore. I feel you. I’ve been where you are now. Our daughter had bottle aversion when she was two months old. Nobody could help us.

“My baby is now drinking milk, totally awake and enjoying it! She loves her bottle! I can’t even thank Szilvia enough for this amazing life-changing journey.”


“He takes my breast and the bottle! He feels good in the feeding position. And he started to grow his chubby cheeks back!” 

Dasha Davalos

“My baby is drinking from my arms, smiling, and feeding, in general, is a beautiful experience. Thank you Szilvia x”

Louise Rizk

“Within 1 week his bottle aversion was gone. My son is now happy, healthy, and thriving. Szilvia not only helped my baby, Levi, but she helped our whole family.”

Melissa H.

Having a baby with bottle aversion is isolating and exhausting. The guilt, shame, and anxiety you feel daily are draining for everyone in the family. You may feel hopeless and helpless, thinking this will never end.

And things are not getting better. Probably, dream-feeds are getting more challenging as your baby is getting older. The distraction techniques that worked in the past stopped working. Your baby now is drinking less than a month ago, and your doctor may have threatened you with needing an NG tube soon.

If I say I can help your baby, you may not believe me. You probably heard this before. It’s better to hear from parents like you, who I helped. Click here to read all the reviews.

Helping babies with bottle aversion since 2020 taught me one thing. Babies are more resilient than I had thought. Out of the thousand babies I helped, nobody got dehydrated. Most babies recovered faster than parents anticipated. Babies climbed up on the weight chart instead of falling further down.

You may think your baby is too young or too old for anything to work. Or you may think your baby is different or worse than anybody else. I know how it is staying up all night and worrying all day, not knowing what would be best for your baby. I’ve done it too.

This is why I offer a consultation call to help your baby. So I can customize my program to fit your unique baby. By the end of the call, you will know step-by-step how to help your baby recover from bottle aversion. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

After our consultation, I will help you get started and hold your hand on the first day or for 10 days, if you choose that option, by watching your feeding videos and giving you feedback. It will be like I’m sitting next to you and guiding you through the process. 

baby drinking calmly from a bottle after solving bottle aversion

You know when you go to a doctor, talk to them for 15 minutes, then be left alone with your questions and concerns? My Gentle Bottle Aversion Solution consultation is the opposite of that. I’m always just an email or text away to answer your questions, and you won’t ever feel isolated anymore. 

To summarize, you will get:

  • A one-hour-long consultation call over Zoom, where I customize my program for your baby 
  • WhatsApp support on the first day to get you started or 10 days if you choose that option
  • Unlimited email support 
  • Three hours of videos to watch and implement at your convenience 



– Your baby has no reflux, or the reflux is under control.

– Your baby has no tongue-tie.

– Your baby has no CMPA or has CMPA and is on a special formula.

– Your baby is exclusively bottle-fed or breastfed but had a continuous bottle-feeding routine for months.

– Your baby shows signs of bottle aversion. Click here to read an article about the signs. 

– Your baby doesn’t have any medical condition that would restrict their feeds.


– Your baby’s reflux is not under control so your baby still has reflux symptoms that cause them to feel pain or discomfort during feeds.

– Your baby has a tongue-tie.

– Your baby has CMPA and is not on a special formula.

– Your baby is exclusively breastfed and refusing the bottle.

– Your baby accepts the bottle eagerly and drinks some, but you believe it’s not enough.

– Your baby has any medical condition that restricts their feeds.

– Your baby drinks water from the same bottle.