tube weaning under age 1 virtual consultation with 4-week support 

Szilvia Lanzas – The Bottle Aversion Coach


If you are too depressed and beyond anxious and need someone who can give you step-by-step instructions and understand what you are going through, this program is for you. I know you need all the support you can get. I will hold your hand throughout the process so you don’t have to think and figure it out yourself. 

Dear Mama,

If you want your baby to feed independently, go to daycare…

And literally, have your baby demand food and chug the milk down from a bottle or feed herself solids…

Then this will be the most important program you’ll ever participate in.



“My baby is now drinking milk, totally awake and enjoying it! She loves her bottle! I can’t even thank Szilvia enough for this amazing life-changing journey.”


“He takes my breast and the bottle! He feels good in the feeding position. And he started to grow his chubby cheeks back!” 

Dasha Davalos

“My baby is drinking from my arms, smiling, and feeding, in general, is a beautiful experience. Thank you Szilvia x”

Louise Rizk

“Within 1 week his bottle aversion was gone. My son is now happy, healthy, and thriving. Szilvia not only helped my baby, Levi, but she helped our whole family.”

Melissa H.

My name is Szilvia Lanzas and 4 short years ago my daughter had bottle aversion and I was at my wit’s end with no hope and help.

I was a first-time mom, grieving my short-lived breastfeeding journey.

My daughter was 2 months old and screaming when I placed the bib on her.

It was impossible to feed her because of the screams and arching in the feeding position.

She didn’t even drink in her sleep.

I looked for a solution to no avail.

Then one day with the help of my hubby I discovered what caused the problem and solved our daughter’s bottle aversion within a week.

Our life changed completely.

My method is the only one that helps babies recover from bottle aversion within a week without losing too much weight.

I have helped over a thousand families …

⭕️ Go from experiencing every feeding as hell to having a peaceful, bonding feeding experience every single time.🙏🏻

⭕️ Learn a simple way of immediately getting their babies to love the bottle – it’s like a miracle!

⭕️ Learn 7 things they should never do while feeding their babies – most of them would surprise you!

⭕️ Follow a tested feeding process that creates a beautiful bonding experience for both mom and baby. 

⭕️ Getting their babies to feed on the go – a dream come true!


Is this you?

✅ Your baby has no medical condition that would require them to be tube-fed. 

✅ You’ve done many tests, and everything always came back normal. You may have done a swallow study, x-ray, endoscopy, brain scan, ultrasound, and everything is normal. Nobody could tell why your baby doesn’t want to eat. 

✅ Your baby is less than one year old.

✅ Your baby has been 100% tube-fed for less than two months. (If your baby has been exclusively tube-fed for longer than two months, please email me at before you book.)

✅ You know you need support throughout the whole process, not just for a few days and not through email. You don’t want to be left alone in the middle of the process. 

✅ You want somebody to hold your hand who understands you and deeply cares about you and your baby.


Most solutions don’t deal with the problem of the baby getting upset in the feeding position and when seeing the bottle.

Since they leave things as they are, this leads to more suffering. Despite doing something different, babies don’t change or quickly regress after changing. 

The first step in my system is to link good feelings to the feeding position and the bottle; hence, babies are receptive to changes.

And this is the reason why regressions rarely happen. So you get to enjoy your baby for the rest of your bottle-feeding journey.

This step will also help with the weaning process. You won’t feel rushed to introduce solids, and your baby can go at their own pace, creating a peaceful transition for the whole family.

The feeding process is a crucial part of helping your baby.

Most solutions have the general idea of no-pressure feeding and making feeding enjoyable. Still, almost all of them are missing critical details of how to do it in a way that creates change. 

I will guide you through each step of the feeding process with precision so you will be crystal clear about what to do to link good feelings to feedings. Thus creating change within a few days.

This step will also help you in the future whenever your baby shows signs of discomfort during feeds. This is a lifelong skill that you can use even with solids. 

The last step is to get your baby back to eating in your arms, so you can meet friends, travel, and feed on the go.

You will finally enjoy your family and create memories with your little one. 

All these steps together give you a process that helps your baby recover from bottle aversion. It will allow your family to enjoy your baby and create happy memories without worrying about feedings. 

baby drinking calmly from a bottle after solving bottle aversion

I fully understand if you are skeptical. After all, you heard many times that this will be the right solution for your baby. So I don’t expect you to blindly take my word for it. Instead, see why other mamas are raving about my program.

“We are extremely indebted to Szilvia to help us with feeding our baby. Within the first day, she was able to suggest methods of feeding that worked best for our baby.

Having her one-on-one support meant a lot to us, and Szilvia’s constant reassurance and review actually helped us stay ahead of the game.

She watched all the feeding videos we sent her and provided detailed assessments, as well as made modifications to the feeding strategy along the way.

In the end, we were able to establish a routine, which we have been following since.

Szilvia has an incredibly positive attitude and reassured us, parents, as we went through feeding struggles.

We were even given access to her learning material a few days before our one-on-one sessions were to start.

We can see that she really cares about the well-being of the baby and parents, and her intent is really to make feeding a happy exercise for both the baby and the parents.

We are truly lucky to have found her, and would recommend her to anyone in similar need.” 


“We can’t thank Szilvia enough!

We saw improvement in just a few short days, which speaks volumes considering how bad our son’s aversion was.

He would scream and cry during every single feeding, and it was a fight with every ounce he drank.

Our lives have completely changed since working with Szilvia!

She guided us every day we worked together and genuinely cared about how he was doing each day.

We have a completely different baby whose eyes light up when he sees the bottle now and actually shows hunger cues!

Thank you, Szilvia!!!” 

Jaclyn Cirasola

“Our aversion journey began at 6 weeks after we had a visit from the nurse, and she told us that our baby is underweight and she should be taking “X” number of mls in 24 hours to maintain her curve.

Hearing this from a professional, my husband and I started force-feeding our daughter to reach that quantity every day. 

All our days revolved around feeding her, and the more we pushed, the more she started to hate the bottle, to a point where she would only take it while sleeping, or I used to get her drowsy enough to feed.

The situation was taking a toll on our mental health.

Searching for solutions, I started following Szilvia (on IG), and before even consultation, I tried some of her methods which proved to be quite helpful.

She spent so much time reading my child’s behavior through videos and told me how I was applying pressure unknowingly and what I should be doing to make feeding calmer. 

Working with her, we were able to solve my baby’s aversion within two weeks.

And after a week, her volume started increasing too, which never increased in 4 months.

I would highly recommend her methods as they don’t involve starving your baby and makes feeding enjoyable.

Forever grateful.


“I am so thankful I found Szilvia.

I started another bottle aversion program but wasn’t seeing the progress we needed to continue.

I reached out to Szilvia on a whim, and 2 components from her program that were not a part of the other program made the biggest difference for us.

We would not have overcome the bottle aversion without her program.

Her support is an added bonus!

It’s like no one knows what you are going through during a bottle aversion, including health professionals, so the daily support from Szilvia was priceless.” 

AE from Carmel, Indiana

“I am so grateful for finding Szilvia! She was the only person who could help me resolve my baby’s feeding aversion.

No other medical professional or book could help me through this tremendously terrifying and stressful experience. In fact, they made it worse.

But Szilvia helped me understand where we needed to change our ways, continued to encourage me through frustrating and helpless moments, and reassured me every step of the way that we were making progress and it will get better.

What I appreciated most about Szilvia was her daily check-ins and answering every question I had with details, despite the incredibly long emails I sent every day.

She provides quick responses and makes herself available at all times. This was invaluable.”



Here is just a fraction of what you will get

⭕️ Learn how powerful your baby’s mind is. (No medical professionals will ever tell you about this!)

⭕️ Understand how to change your baby’s behavior successfully. (It’s simpler than you think!)

⭕️ Discover the 3 key ingredients to stop living your life in hell. This will create a breakthrough that your baby simply can’t resist.

⭕️ 7 things you should never do while feeding your baby (most of them will surprise you!)

⭕️ A tested feeding process that will create trust and bonding with your baby. There is no way your baby can get upset.

⭕️ A helpful way of timing your feeds. No more confusion about hunger cues!


And this is just the beginning! Here’s more…

⭕️ Learn about your baby’s body language. You will always feel confident knowing if your baby wants to eat or not. Life will become easy!!!

⭕️ What you must do right away to get your baby calm in the feeding position. This will make such a huge difference!!

⭕️ A proven and predictable way of getting your baby to drink in your arms, even on the go. (A dream come true!!) (For babies under 7 months old)

⭕️ How to eradicate possible mistakes so there is no way you can make things worse!!

⭕️ Exactly what to do on your very first day so you can 1.) Have the confidence that you are doing the right things 2.) Build unshakable trust with your baby, and 3.) Create an unbreakable bond with your baby. 

⭕️Discover a short process that will immediately get you in a peaceful state of mind. You won’t block your baby’s progress by being too anxious. 

⭕️ Unusual care and support by a professional who has done it thousands of times. You will feel understood and supported for the whole time! 

⭕️ Daily feedback and unlimited questions answered by me (Szilvia.) You will never be alone with your problems and you will be clear if your baby is progressing or not. 

Whoah! That’s a lot of proven and tested strategies to get your baby to feed independently. 

And it’s stuff nobody else can teach you, because they didn’t help over a thousand babies recover from bottle aversion.  



The investment for the Tube Weaning Under Age 1 Virtual Consultation With 4-Week Support is 1987 USD

Ask yourself…

Is this reasonable when you compare it to how many professionals you’ve seen for no avail? Is this reasonable when you compare it to all the social events, trips, walks, hair and sleep you have lost over your feeding struggles?

If it is, then this program is for you.

The program includes: 

– 1-3 live zoom calls, depending on your baby’s needs

– 4 weeks of daily support through WhatsApp 

CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW TO GET STARTED. After payment you will receive an email with all the instructions. (Please check your Junk folder if you can’t see it in your inbox within 2 minutes.)