I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the assistance you have provided in helping my baby overcome his bottle feeding aversion. The joy I feel in sharing that my baby now feeds by himself is immeasurable, and I attribute this success to your unwavering support.

Your dedication in providing me with the necessary steps and encouraging me to be patience throughout this journey is truly admirable. I can’t thank you enough for your contribution to this positive outcome. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Your kindness and expertise have made a significant difference in our lives especially me being a mother I was so much tensed for my baby, and I am truly grateful for your support.

I would wholeheartedly recommend you to any parent facing similar challenges with their baby. In the future if any challenges come by my way I will always remember you and consult with you. Thank you once again. 

Sudhiksha Gurung – Consultation with 6-day support 

Sudhiksha Gurung

Consultation with 6-day support

We cannot express enough gratitude for the incredible help we received from Szilvia in overcoming our baby’s bottle feeding aversion. From the moment we reached out, Szilvia exuded confidence and reassurance that she could assist us, and she absolutely delivered!

Her troubleshooting approach was thorough, leaving no stone unturned as she considered every possible factor contributing to our baby’s aversion. It felt like she was holding our hand every step of the way, providing invaluable guidance and expertise.

In less than a week, thanks to Szilvia’s expertise and compassionate care, we witnessed remarkable progress and a significant improvement in our baby’s feeding habits. It was truly a transformative experience for our family, and we are forever grateful for her assistance.

Watching our little one feed peacefully, only pausing to smile at us, is worth the whole world. This simple joy fills our hearts with happiness and relief.

Thank you, Szilvia, for making such a positive difference in our lives!


Consultation with 10-day support and daily calls

I want to thank Szilvia! We followed her steps and within a few days we could already see such great progress.

My daughter was really looking forward to the bottle and opened her mouth wider than ever before! She is like a predator who really wants his bottle 😂 Before, she had a total dislike and immediately turned her head away and was totally under tension. She usually only drank between 40-60ml and currently it’s more like 70-140ml depending on how hungry she is.

we went from around 500-550ml to 660-850ml. it’s a completely different feeding experince! We are so glad we found Szilvia! my baby has completely changed for the better when it comes to drinking and the bottle. Nowadays she even cries when she wants the bottle and when she sees the bottle she wants it immediately and grabs it and thats something we never had before.

A precious mama who wanted to stay anonymous


After our baby second month vaccines we struggled feeding her, she would cry so much that we ended up feeding only when she is asleep. I took her to few doctors and all of them diagnosed her with reflux.

My intuition was telling me that this diagnosis is wrong as she was not showing the signs, except of low milk intake and refusing to be fed. Then I went on researching online and I learned about Szilvia’s method.

I bought the book and followed every step religiously. Our baby improved from the second day onwards. From a crying baby, she became a happy baby that drinks her milk fully awake. We are so grateful to Szilvia and we can’t thank her enough.



Before finding Szilvia’s program, my son was really struggling with feeding due to CMPA and unmanaged silent reflux. Once those were under control at about 4 months, he had developed a bottle aversion and it became very distressing to the both of us- he was scared to eat and I was pressuring him to finish his bottles which would take hours to barely get the minimum in for the day.

After many days ending in tears, I started Szilvia’s program and within days my son’s behavior started changing. The first few days are tough when you have fallen into well intentioned habits and routines, but Szilvia was very supportive and answered any questions. Sometimes as adults we have trouble changing our behaviors too 🙂

My son now opens his mouth for the bottle, and finishes it in one sitting! My days are no longer dedicated to feeding him ounce by ounce or trying to distract him to drink more. I can’t wait for his continued progress as the weeks go on!

Sara K.

Pre-Recorded Video Course

My husband and I contacted Szilvia when we had the suspicion our two and a half month old had bottle aversion. We are unsure of how it precisely started but we felt strongly about it being an issue that was darkening most of the feeding moments we had with her.  My heart felt heavy every time we had to feed her as it seemed as we were harming her in some manner. 

Szilvia responded quickly to our message, assessing immediately if bottle aversion was indeed our issue, and we were lucky to speak with her just a few days after. 

Her method is one that is rooted in personal experience, kindness, a lesson of humbleness to parents, and above all, in working toward listening and respecting our babies’s needs and desires regardless of their age. 

The consultation and the support we received from her were absolutely personalized, full of feedback and corrections, and completely free of judgement.

The complex simplicity with which she helped us work toward fixing our beloved baby’s bottle aversion speaks of a method that she has carefully worked in order to share with parents like us: lost, anguished, and with feelings of guilt. 

Our little girl is still working and us with her toward her bottle aversion recovery. We take every feeding as a step forward and respect when she sends us signals of being satisfied. We aim for every feeding to be a bottle, not a battle. 

She feels more at ease, giving us less signs of being threatened by the bottle and the feeding, smiling at us while she eats, and slowly starting to trust the process. We are grateful for finding Szilvia whose joyful reconnection method is helping us move toward happy feedings and a happy and satisfied baby.


Consultation with 1-day support

I cannot recommend Szilvia’s bottle aversion program enough. My daughter had issues feeding from the beginning with a lip tie, tongue tie, reflux, dairy sensitivity, you name it. Throughout all of this, the reflux, plus my husband and I pressuring her to eat, she developed a bottle aversion. I went to doctor after doctor (pediatrician, GI doctor, lactation consultants, chiropractor, feeding therapy) and no one could help me or her.

I finally decided to take things into my own hands and found Szilvia. After reaching out to another mom who had found success, I decided to book a consultation. Szilvia listened to our story, asked questions, and really seemed to understand what it is we were going through. I finally found someone who got it. She watched our feeds, offered helpful information and recommendations, and after ONE day, I could see a difference in how my daughter accepted the bottle.

After a few days she continued to accept the bottle and her volumes increased. There have been up and down days and challenges that we have faced, but my daughter continues to always accept the bottle and Szilvia continues to be there for us as we navigate these challenges. She is so knowledgeable in this where many doctors are not. My daughter genuinely smiles at the bottle and reaches for it, which I never thought I would see from her.

After she drinks, she smiles at me and it makes me so happy that I found something that helped her. I 100% recommend Szilvia and am confident that if you are facing similar issues with your child, that she will be able to help. Book her now!

Lauren P

Consultation with 2-day support

Szilvia is a miracle worker. I reached out to Szilvia when I was at one of the lowest points of my life. I couldn’t feed my 3.5 month old baby unless she was drowsy or asleep. No tongue tie, reflux, or whatever doctors try to blame it on.  I felt like I was house trapped because I could only feed my baby right when she was waking up from a nap of just before, as she would not accept any feeds while she was awake. I consulted with our pediatrician, lactation consultant, nurses, midwife, doula, osteopath, etc. no one could help me and thought I was crazy as my little one was gaining weight fine but no one could understand the mental toll it took on me as a mother feeding my baby like this.

I messaged Szilvia before the program and asked her if she could help me. She asked for a video of my baby feeding while awake to see her behaviour and replied back “I can help you and your baby”. I cried. Not once did I hear those words come out of anyone since her aversion started. Szilvia analyzed each feeding from my baby and give tips, pointers, and even dissecting her behaviour towards feeding and the bottle. She made sure my baby had good feelings towards the bottle and overall feeding before we even got started, something I never even heard about doing before. Fast forward three days into the program where my stress and anxiety were at an all time high since my baby refused to eat for 11 hours. She started drinking fully awake and happily. She now cries for the bottle and takes the nipple in her mouth like she was a shark. I thought I’d never see the day. Szilvia helped me and my baby in more ways than one. I can now enjoy motherhood like I was suppose to ❤️

Ashley Ha

Consultation with 6-day support

I scheduled a consultation with Szilvia when I was at the lowest point of my life. I was more than 3 months into a breast and bottle aversion with my 5 month old son. I had sought out help from our pediatrician, lactation consultants, pediatric dentist, chiropractors, and speech therapy. Every single appointment was just another dead end. No one understood what I was going through or offered any sort of solution. I was completely consumed with trying to get my son to eat. My son had stopped gaining weight and even dreamfeeding was becoming increasingly difficult. I was out of options and desperate when I started Szilvia’s program.

After my consultation with Szilvia, I felt a sense of relief that someone actually understood what I was going through. She had a plan to help, and while I believed her,I still feared our case was too complicated and too far gone to be fixed. It was hard letting go of well intentioned bad habits that had become a crutch but I knew I had to drastically change what we were doing to see drastic results. I stuck to the program and worked with Szilvia one on one and I honestly couldn’t believe it when my son was opening his mouth for bottles on the first offer by day 2. I thought we would be the exception. I thought our situation couldn’t be fixed but in less than a week my son is aversion free. I am forever grateful for Szilvia. I wish every mom who was going through bottle aversion with their baby knew about her program.


Consultation with 4-day support

Learning how to be new parents can be daunting to say the least. We found Szilvia when we were really clueless about how to help our baby feed comfortably at the bottle.

Szilvia developed a very concise schedule and approach for us, and she answered all our questions and more importantly offered reassurance that the process would work. I think her course is more about training parents to view their babies as people with unique personalities and learning to respect and nurture those personalities.

We would highly recommend the bottle aversion coach to any parents who are struggling with bottle feeding their babies ! 

Srijita & Nischay

Consultation with 3-day support

Our little one was born prematurely and, unfortunately, developed a bottle aversion due to painful reflux. Despite trying other programs to overcome this issue, we felt like we were constantly hitting a wall and just managing our baby’s aversion rather than resolving it.

Then, we were introduced to Szilvia, and everything changed for the better. We decided to invest a week in her program, and it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Szilvia was incredibly supportive throughout the entire journey. We recorded each feeding session and shared it with her, and she provided us with invaluable guidance on how to better understand our daughter’s cues.

Szilvia did something truly remarkable – she identified the missing piece of the puzzle that was contributing to our baby’s aversion. Thanks to her expertise and unwavering support, our daughter now eagerly reaches for the bottle with a smile on her face. The transformation has been astonishing, and our anxiety levels have significantly decreased.

We can’t express enough gratitude for Szilvia and her life-changing Bottle Aversion Solution. Thanks to her, our baby is now a happy and content little one, and our family is thriving. Szilvia, you’re a true blessing, and we can’t thank you enough for giving us the gift of a stress-free feeding experience.

Allison & Holt & Savannah

Pre-recorded video course with 6-day support

You have changed our whole parenting journey. It took a 180 degrees turn. Despite me and my husband being doctor and dentist we had absolutely no idea how difficult it would be to manage a baby with bottle aversion so severe that he was on the verge of needing NG tube feeds. 
We didn’t know whether to go with you or not initially bcz it seemed unreal that Rumis aversion could be solved , let alone your promise of solving it in a matter of days. 
We took the leap and did your programme . THE BEST DECISION EVER! Worth every bit . From only dream feeding just a couple times a day to eagerly asking for his bottle with sign language – we couldn’t imagine this and you did this for us. If anyone is on the fence please do this programme . We are a happier family now. Just so grateful. We have endeavoured to connect Szilvia to other care professionals to propagate her wonderful way of resolving aversion to other parents in need . I couldn’t be more grateful to have found you exactly when we needed you. You supported us through each feed and gave us a plan to work with, kept our spirits high and ensured we remained positive n driven to solve Rumis aversion ! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! 
Gunjan & Vijay

Consultation with 2-week support

I found Szilvia after desperately searching for someone to help our baby drink again. We had been to the hospital and were told he would need a tube in 2 days if he didn’t increase his intake and we were petrified. 

We didn’t know we were pressuring him to drink. We thought he wasn’t getting enough and it led to him screaming every time he saw the bottle and not drinking. If he did take the bottle, he would pretend to suck but not actually drink.

I couldn’t find anyone available in Australia for bottle aversion so I reached out to Szilvia overnight and organized to do her pre-recorded video course in the morning with extra support later in the week. We watched the videos and started immediately in the morning and while my baby wouldn’t drink on me, he slowly started accepting the bottle over the course of a day/the next day! By the 3rd day, he was reaching for the bottle and opening his mouth for milk. His volumes increased to more than he had ever had- with zero pressure! It was all his choice which was incredible for us! 

Our next goal was to get him to drink back in our arms and while this took about a week and a half, Szilvia’s techniques paid off! I feel like we finally have our baby back and cannot thank Szilvia enough. There are not enough words in this world to convey our appreciation. Thank you so much Szilvia, you saved us

Thusyanthi & Archie

Consultation with 2-week support

My daughter today is 4 months old. At 3w of age, we started noticing that my daughter was having feeding issues. She was exclusively breastfed back then. Her feeding issues kept regressing, and she was diagnosed with CMPA and reflux. My daughter hated the bottle and refused it from the beginning. She associated food with pain and discomfort. We followed our pediatrician’s advice which included changing my diet to continue breastfeeding but that didn’t work, changing her formula multiple times but that didn’t work, switching her from breast to bottle and doing both but that didn’t work too. We called her pediatrician almost everyday and went for weekly weight check-ins. They kept pushing us and telling us that she has to drink X amount of oz per day. Her doctors only looked at the physical aspect of things until we told them that we think she has bottle/food aversion. We were finally sent to see a feeding therapist who confirmed the bottle aversion and gave us tips/strategies to try to overcome it but that still wasn’t enough to help. There was no constant followup from the feeding therapist. I didn’t know whether I was doing things right or not. My daughter slightly got better or at least we thought she did but would still cry when she was put in the feeding position or see the bottle. 

It all came down to doing my own research and finding Szilvia on Instagram. I followed her and started scrolling through her posts and realizing that something drastic has to change with my current feeding methods to overcome my daughter’s bottle aversion. I initially bought Szilvia’s e-book and messaged her for help. I knew I needed more hands-on help. I couldn’t live anymore with the constant battle of feeding my daughter, not being able to go out anywhere with her, relying on dream feeds to make sure she gets more milk in, and battling lousy sleep because she constantly feels hungry throughout the day but refuses to take much milk.

We decided that the consultation and 2 week support was absolutely necessary, and we couldn’t be more happier with our decision! Szilvia was exactly what we needed. She supported and helped us every step of the way to overcome my daughter’s bottle aversion. We were able to overcome my daughter’s bottle aversion within 5 days! And we continued to work together to increase her daily volume. We couldn’t have solved the aversion problem without her. Szilvia was the light at the end of the tunnel! We will forever be grateful for her!


Consultation with 2-week support

Our baby boy developed a feeding aversion when he was just over 2 months old. It started when he got very sick. He got very congested and had a very bad cough. We ended up in hospital as his oxygen levels were very low and he was diagnosed with RSV and bronchiolitis. When he was feeding he would cough and splutter and come up gasping for breath and crying. He would then cough terribly for a long time and then usually vomit. Feeding started getting harder and harder and me not meaning to pushed him on the breast rather than giving him space to breathe. After a few days of this breastfeeding him became really hard so I began expressing and giving him bottles. He then started also having an aversion to the bottle crying and not wanting to drink.  It was an incredibly stressful and emotional time, I just couldn’t understand why my previously perfect feeding baby now didn’t want me or the bottle. 

I researched bottle aversion on the internet and found nothing. I spoke to paediatricians, maternity nurses and lactation specialists but no one knew how to deal with the aversion. My husband came across Szilvia on instagram and told me about her. I was rather apprehensive at first and wasn’t really sure if her process would work. However, after a month of only being able to feed the baby when he was really tired or asleep I thought it was worth a try! Before our call Szilvia sent us the online video programme which I watched and everything she said made perfect sense. During our video call we discussed everything – not only the steps to take but also the baby’s feeding schedule and naps etc. I was really impressed that Szilvia took such a holistic approach with everything to do with the baby and feeding. 

We started the next day and I videoed all my feeds the first few days. Szilvia would analyse them and send me very detailed and useful comments about when he was showing rejection signs and how to 

respond.  She also recommended that I go down a teat size to help with the flow, which also really helped. Within in the first few days there were vast improvements and he was completely over his aversion in 4 days!!!! I could not believe how quickly I saw an improvement!!! From crying negatively at the sight of the bottle he was now crying because he wanted the bottle and would drink his whole bottle in 1 go. Feeds that used to take over 1 hour, now take 12-14 minutes. From dreading feeding times I now look forward to them and have bonded so much with the baby during this process. 

Szilvia was so supportive and encouraging and really held my hand throughout the whole 2 week process. I really felt Szilvia cared and she is always checking in on how the baby is doing. I still want to pinch myself that the nightmare we were in is over and I can’t thank Szilvia enough for everything she’s done for us. For anyone who has a baby suffering from bottle aversion YOU NEED Szilvia!!! I could not recommend her highly enough!!!


Consultation with 2-week support

Thank you Szilvia for helping me and my baby! 

I was able to go out finally after 5 months! 

My baby is happy on seeing his bottle, he watches me prepare his milk and there is no greater joy than being able to feed him happily…

Every mother out there whose baby is going through bottle aversion, its the worst phase, but it is reversible, thanks to Szilvias program! She is constantly there to help you, with every step! And thats what you need! Go ahead and Trust her with your babies! Much love! 

Anonymous mommy from India

Pre-recorded video course

Szilvia’s program was such a game changer for us. Our 3 month old daughter had been showing some signs of bottle aversion since she was around 6 weeks old. We started following Szilvia’s recommendations on a Monday night and noticed a huge difference by Wednesday. I would say we were completely aversion free in about 4 days and things just continued to improve. Our daughter is much more comfortable while drinking and her volume is still increasing even 3 weeks out. We really appreciated Szilvia’s gentle approach and how she genuinely cares about the babies she is helping. She checked in with us often and her feedback was so helpful. We cannot thank her enough for all she did to help our family!

A precious mama who wanted to stay anonymous

Consultation with 2-week support

Szilvia I wanted to thank you for all the information, and patience with us, for answering my doubts and support. My baby went from drinking 12-17 oz a day, to 25-30 oz a day. He enjoys every bottle which is the most important thing for me, he gets súper excited when he sees me preparing his bottle and now even my parents can help me feed him!!! 


Pre-recorded video course

Hi Silvia I wanted to thank you, as I purchased your book last month and it has been a blessing. I’ve gone from feeding baby asleep to  both of us enjoying the feeding experience without anxiety in just two days. I didn’t think it was possible, but miracles do happen. 

Lots of love and prayers from a very happy mummy 



Hello, Merry Christmas and happy new year. I just wanted to thank you so much, my daughter went from drinking 50-80 ml to 120-170!!! Her feedings are very smooth and relax and she get excited when she sees the bottle!!! Sth that was quite the opposite 1 month ago 


Pre-recorded video course

I found your resources after I was getting frustrated with my 5m old constantly fussy and trying to roll away during a feed. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I’m so glad I figured out this issue and nipped it in the bud before he started reducing quantities of feeds! In 1 week he went from crying the moment he got into the feeding position to being back in my arms and actually eating more than he ever did in the first place! Thank you!


Pre-recorded video course


I would like to thank you

My daughter is drinking every meal in the past 3 days without any pressure. She takes about 2-3 Oz each time. I think I can say she is out of aversion, hoping she will increase the volume within the coming week. 

Your videos and experience helped a lot. God bless you 


Pre-recorded video course

Hi Szilvia, I hope you’re doing well? 

I just wanted to send you a message to say thank you. I’ve been waiting a few weeks because I’m soooo scared to jinx things, but we’ve finally got to a good place with the feeding. I implemented some of your principles to breastfeeding and it worked! I made sure she was always happy before feeding, smiled at her whenever she looks up, always stay calm and speak to her calmly and then decided once she was happy to introduce a calm “happy” song that I play during feeding. Dramatically things improved! I’ve now weened my daytime breastfeeds to bottle, following the same principles, which has worked so well too. I think it’s also helped me to stay calm with breastfeeding as I’m able to leave the house in the day and bottle feed her. 

I think this concept of associating feeding with good happy feelings can be applied to everything with our bubs, so simple but so effective. I now feel so much more confident when it comes to introducing Solids, something I was dreading. Anyway, much love and thanks again 

Sarah Salman


Prior to starting the program, we were dealing with varying degrees of bottle aversion. At best, our 4mo old was only taking down 3oz with the bottle – we could tell he was still hungry and it would impact his sleep as well. No matter how hungry he got, he would only take down 3oz. Due to all the frustration surrounding feeding, he started rejecting the bottle completely and crying when even put in the feeding position. Szilvia’s program was super effective for us. She carefully assessed our situation and taught us how to break down each part of the feeding process and turn it back into a positive experience. By the end of the first day, he had taken the bottle and within a couple of days he was taking down 5-8oz happily. Szilvia was supportive and responsive throughout the process. Can’t recommend enough!

Alisa Alexander

Consultation with 2-week support

We are extremely indebted to Szilvia to help us with feeding our baby. Within the first day, she was able to suggest methods of feeding that worked best for our baby. Having her one-on-one support meant a lot to us, and Szilvia’s constant reassurance and review actually helped us stay ahead of the game. She watched all the feeding videos we sent her and provided detailed assessments, as well as made modifications to the feeding strategy along the way. In the end, we were able to establish a routine, which we have been following since. Szilvia has an incredibly positive attitude and reassured us, parents, as we went through feeding struggles. We were even given access to her learning material a few days before our one-on-one sessions were to start. We can see that she really cares about the well-being of the baby and parents, and her intent is really to make feeding a happy exercise for both the baby and the parents. We are truly lucky to have found her, and would recommend her to anyone in similar need.


Consultation with 2-week support

Hi Szilvia, 

Just wanted to let you know we have seen such an improvement in our little girl. She has increased her volumes, is showing hunger cues and is so much happier drinking her bottles. Two very relieved parents here, all the way from Australia. So glad I found your gentle approach to resolving bottle aversion! Thank you thank you thank you! 

Tayla Marie

Pre-recorded video course

Szilvia was amazing and we highly recommend her if your baby is struggling with bottle aversion. Our daughter had bottle aversion and the only way we could feed her was to make her drowsy. Each feed could take up to 1 hour and our baby was so stressed all the time and we felt she was not thriving. We went to see pediatricians, a GI specialist, a speech therapist and an ENT and none of them could help us. Within a few days of starting with Szilvia, our baby started to take the bottle awake and in the daylight, and within 1 week, her volumes were up. She would take 5oz within 10 minutes! Szilvia provided us with practical advice and was in constant communication with us. Our baby is growing, so much happier, and is thriving and we are so grateful to Szilvia for all her help.


Consultation with 2-week support

Around the 2-month mark, we observed that our baby started to drink less than usual. Since she had a low birth weight, this situation where she wasn’t drinking milk well freaked us out. First, the pediatrician said it could be due to thrush and then acid reflux. Despite using the medication for a few weeks, we didn’t see any increase in her milk intake, and we resorted to dream feeding her slowly. Eventually, when she was around 3 months old, she would only drink milk while sleeping. This was driving us crazy since we had to plan her feeding schedule around her naps. I was feeling very anxious, and we reached out to a feeding therapist. Unfortunately, that didn’t help either (she mentioned that our baby might have some tongue and lip ties that could be restricting her from drinking well). We knew this wasn’t the reason since she takes the pacifier well.

I started searching for tips about bottle aversion on insta and came across Szilvia’s page. I followed her for a few weeks, and on reading the reviews, I thought of giving it a try as a last resort to help us out with this situation.

Her consultation worked like a charm. Within 1-2 days, our baby’s bottle aversion was gone. Within a week, she was drinking a bit less than her normal amount all during awake time. We then had her 4-month shots done, and for a few days, her appetite went down. Szilvia helped us navigate through this situation, and 3 days after her vaccination, she started drinking her normal amount. Szilvia also helped us with some tips that helped our baby to start sleeping better throughout the night. 

It’s now been approximately 3 weeks since we started working Szilvia, and our baby is now drinking more than how much she was drinking while being dream fed completely. It’s now all in her control!

We can’t thank Szilvia enough for being a live saver! I can now go back to work from my maternity leave in peace, knowing my baby will be fed by her caretakers without a problem. Kudos to Szilvia and her desire to help out fellow moms!

If you are on the fence thinking of scheduling a consultation with her, don’t think even for a minute. I’m 100% sure she will help your baby with bottle aversion.

A precious mama who wanted to stay anonymous

Consultation with 2-week support

We struggled with bottle aversion of our 7 month old daughter. It started when she was 9 weeks old, and from then onwards, every feeding was a battle. There was a time when she stopped dream feeding as well. I got to know about Szilvia when I was searching about how to resolve bottle aversion. I contacted her on insta and then bought her course. The First 3 days were really difficult, but Szilvia was there with us all the time and helped us in our toughest times. During those 3 days, she hardly had 30mls while awake, but after the 3rd day, she started drinking 60mls. Her volume went up after 3 to 4 weeks, and now she drinks happily in our arms and without distractions. The dream feeding has now stopped completely.

Thanks to Szilvia again for all the help. I can’t thank her enough.


Pre-recorded video course

My baby started to have feeding issues at three months. We saw an Occupational Therapist, a Pediatric Gastroenterologist, a Nutritionist, a Pediatric Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor, and had ongoing appointments with his regular pediatrician.

My son was diagnosed with silent reflux and a dairy/soy intolerance.

Still, with those diagnoses and the appropriate interventions, my baby struggled through every feeding unless he was asleep. His feedings ruled my life and caused a lot of stress within our family.

Every day I worried he would dehydrate or not get the proper nutrition. He refused to eat from anyone other than me or one daycare provider. He refused to breastfeed, and he refused formula. I was chained to a pump and felt so depressed that I could not do something as simple as feed my baby.

This was not my first child. I knew what a satisfied and hungry baby looked like… but this baby? He never showed those signs. He could go for hours without eating and then still appear upset when I tried to feed him.

Every day I prayed to God for a miracle. I’m not religious mind you, but desperation will drive a person towards spirituality. EVERY DAY I PRAYED FOR NINE MONTHS. Every day I fantasized about dropping my adorable baby boy, Levi, off at the hospital so that someone else could figure out how to feed him, that someone could figure out what was going on, and honestly, just for a break. I felt so guilty for having these thoughts and feelings. I prayed and prayed. I thought God had forgotten about us.

Then, one day, I randomly found Szilvia online. My baby was almost one. I stumbled across her one day when I panicked and desperately googling symptoms for my son. Surely we were her worst case… could she help us? I was willing to try anything.

At that point, my son was almost 1 yr old and drinking 6 oz a day. I was using a syringe to squirt water in his mouth throughout the day, and we had gone to the ER that week as he had gone 12 hours without a wet diaper (he had the stomach flu as well).

Szilvia was the answer to my prayers after nine long months. Within one week, his bottle aversion was gone, and within two weeks, his volume increased. My son is now happy, healthy, and thriving. He is eating dairy and soy and is off his reflux medication. He drinks bottles anywhere now and even holds his bottle.

If he doesn’t finish his bottle, it’s okay. I know he will be just fine… he’s just communicating to me that he is all done for the moment.

Szilvia not only helped my baby, Levi, but she helped our whole family. I think of her every time I feed my baby, and each time I feed my baby, I feel so blessed that we are no longer struggling with his bottle aversion. Thank you, Szilvia!!!

Melissa H

Consultation with 2-week support

My baby was diagnosed with milk protein allergy, eosinophilic esophagitis, and reflux. We were pressuring her to finish her bottle before we found out, and she developed an aversion to drinking from her bottle. She wouldn’t drink any milk at all unless she was drowsy or asleep! We had to constantly plan naps around feeding times, and we would get so stressed out if she missed a nap because she was missing a bottle. She stopped gaining weight, and we became even more stressed out. Then I met Szilvia, and she changed our lives! With her guidance, my baby is now drinking milk totally awake and enjoying it ! She loves her bottle! I can’t even thank Szilvia enough for all the help she has given to us and for this amazing life-changing journey. I recommend her guidance to anyone that is going through issues with their baby and the bottle. Thank you, Szilvia, you’re truly amazing !!!!


Consultation with 2-week support

2 weeks later and my baby is eating with one little burp break, and yesterday he ate his bottle for me in the mall!!! Haven’t been able to do that in months!!! Thank you!!! He is also eager now for his bottle and excited and pulls it to his mouth to drink! No more back arching or crying, not afraid of his actual bottle anymore, he taps and plays with it after his feed which he was NEVER able to do before! The local feeding team we work with is so pleased with his accomplishments, and I told them about you and how much you were able to help me and my husband and our baby!!! The whole joyful reconnecting and positivity around feeds and his attitude towards his bottle have been huge in changing things for us! 


Pre-recorded video course

We can’t thank Szilvia enough! We saw improvement in just a few short days, which speaks volumes considering how bad our son’s aversion was. He would scream and cry during every single feeding, and it was a fight with every ounce he drank. Our lives have completely changed since working with Szilvia! She guided us every day we worked together and genuinely cared about how he was doing each day. We have a completely different baby whose eyes light up when he sees the bottle now and actually shows hunger cues! Thank you, Szilvia!!!

Jaclyn Cirasola

Consultation with 2-week support

Our aversion journey began at 6 weeks after we had a visit from the nurse, and she told us that our baby is underweight and she should be taking “X” number of mls in 24 hours to maintain her curve. Hearing this from a professional, my husband and I started force-feeding our daughter to reach that quantity every day.  All our days revolved around feeding her, and the more we pushed, the more she started to hate the bottle, to a point where she would only take it while sleeping, or I used to get her drowsy enough to feed. The situation was taking a toll on our mental health. Searching for solutions, I started following Szilvia (on IG), and before even consultation, I tried some of her methods which proved to be quite helpful. She spent so much time reading my child’s behavior through videos and told me how I was applying pressure unknowingly and what I should be doing to make feeding calmer.  Working with her, we were able to solve my baby’s aversion within two weeks. And after a week, her volume started increasing too, which never increased in 4 months. I would highly recommend her methods as they don’t involve starving your baby and makes feeding enjoyable.

Forever grateful.


Consultation with 2-week support

My little one had been showing aversion behavior as little as 2 weeks old. I wondered why she wouldn’t just eat. I moved up to the next nipple size, and she started eating again.  Then I assumed it was just the nipple. A few weeks later, the same thing happened again. After so much pressure, she started eating.

A month later or so, she stopped eating. I changed the nipple level, and my baby was using nipple level 3 at 2 months plus. She began drinking again until 3 weeks later when she stopped eating completely while awake. The maximum she would take was 1 oz. I knew something was wrong, and this can’t be a nipple issue again.

I did some research online and came across bottle aversion. I bought Szilvia’s ebook, read and started implementing the recovery steps. Not much changed. I reached out to Szilvia on IG, and she was happy to help. She requested some feeding videos, and she told me where I was making mistakes.

One thing I appreciate about Szilvia is that she helped me even without booking a consultation. She realized sharing the video on IG wasn’t working so well. She shared her WhatsApp number to send the feeding session there.

I decided to book a consultation with her. After watching the videos,  she pointed out so many things like the nipple was too fast for the baby, needed to feed out of my arms, and the baby had to be positioned a particular way to feed better and apply no pressure. My duty was to offer, and baby decides to drink or not.

Within a week of following Szilvia’s method, everything about my baby changed, the behavior was good, and volume was improving. I couldn’t believe it, after so much crying and praying.

At the end of the 2-week consultation, my little one volumes had increased from taking 0.5 oz on the 1st offer to at least 3 oz. She now enjoys feeding, no more arching, and moving of head. I can’t thank  Szilvia enough. This method really works if one sticks to the rules. There is truly light at the end of the tunnel.


Consultation with 2-week support

Szilvia, thank you sooooo much for your help! I am so grateful to have you helping me with my son’s nipple aversion!

I definitely recommend Szilvia to you mamas if you desperately need help!

When my son was 3 months old, he got bottle and breast aversion at the same time! I constantly searched the internet for information and any help to understand what was happening to my son. I got to the point when I could only feed him with my finger and Medela SNS system, but I felt that it was not going to last long because it wasn’t easy to get him sucking on my finger. I feared we would end up in the hospital soon and that he would have to get a tube. So I found out that he had a nipple aversion, and I even found a book on how to resolve it, but after applying what I learned, my son still wasn’t eating! I was terrified. And then I found Szilvia.  I am so glad she was able to start working with me the next day! I felt like I could not take another day like that. Right after our consultation, when I applied what she said, my son took my breast! He didn’t eat that much but after such a long time refusing it, he finally took it! Of course, the aversion wasn’t resolved yet. In a week, he started taking the bottle. It’s been 3 weeks now. He takes my breast and the bottle! He feels good in the feeding position. We are still working on him eating more at the breast, but I can feed him now! And he started to grow his chubby cheeks back! 

I don’t know what I would do without Szilvia!  I am grateful she gives 2 weeks of support. It’s very important when you go through such a difficult process because mentally, it’s extremely hard and painful. I ended up working with her a 3rd week just to get more confident that we were at a good place. I enjoyed working with Szilvia, and I will miss our daily chats. She is very sweet, calm, and supportive. It was very pleasant to work with her.

Dasha Davalos

Consultation with 3-week support, Breast and Bottle Aversion

I am so thankful I found Szilvia. I started another bottle aversion program but wasn’t seeing the progress we needed to continue. I reached out to Szilvia on a whim, and 2 components from her program that were not a part of the other program made the biggest difference for us. We would not have overcome the bottle aversion without her program. Her support is an added bonus! It’s like no one knows what you are going through during a bottle aversion, including health professionals, so the daily support from Szilvia was priceless.

AE from Carmel, Indiana

Consultation with 2-week support

I had a premature IUGR baby @ 35 weeks due to pre-eclampsia. He followed the 2nd percentile for about 3 months, then he began faltering in weight gain and dropped to the 0.4th. I was distraught, I felt like all I did every day was feed my baby – trying to get the extra oz in whenever I could to help him “catch up.” As a nurse myself, I knew what his ‘recommended’ daily intake should be and obsessed over him reaching it. I pressured him to feed. He vomited at least once, if not multiple times a day. He started battling/fighting me for every feed. He would cry – zip his lips and not take his bottle. I could only get milk into him when he was sleeping. I was absolutely miserable, and so was he. We didn’t leave the house because my life revolved around making sure he drank what he was ‘supposed’ to. I began Googling – ‘Why won’t my baby drink his bottle.’

Through different clicks, I came across Szilvia on Youtube then subsequently found her Instagram page @thebottleaversioncoach. Even just finding learning the term ‘Bottle Aversion’ gave me such relief. There was a name for the misery we were going through. I purchased her Workshop as I felt I needed help to overcome his aversion at 5 months old/4 months corrected. After watching her workshop one evening, I started applying the rules/technique the following day. The first few days are laden with anxiety, but the workshop has great tips to help relax before every feed. If you trust the process, you will see results. Within 3 days, my baby would accept feeds/look me in the eye while drinking his bottle happily. Then the volumes increased in the 3 days following that up to 21oz then 24oz and he has stayed there since and is following his growth curve on that amount. Exactly what he needs but a little bit less than what the textbooks say.

Since following the technique, my baby hasn’t vomited once. Not a single time. Thanks to Szilvia, I have learned to trust that my baby will drink exactly what he needs, and most importantly, he has learned to trust me again too. If you are struggling and resonate with anything I’ve said above, then I really recommend Szilvia’s bottle aversion workshop – it works!


Pre-recorded video course

Szilvia was an absolute joy to work with. To be honest she literally changed my relationship with my son by removing the strain around feeding. I look forward to feeding him now and the bottles (even when not empty) end with smiles and kisses.

Stephanie W.

Consultation with 2-week support

Hello This is Iman Baig. I messaged yesterday and realised my messages weren’t going through because I didn’t add in the +1 country code. 

Words are not enough for how grateful I am for all your guidance and support. You have changed our lives. 

For the first time since Celine has been born both Omair and I are getting to truly enjoy parenthood. We’re all so much happier and it’s safe to say today was the first day since she’s been born that I didn’t count the amount of ounces she’s consumed. I owe it all to you. 

Hopefully we’ll get to meet at some point, and I’ll get to thank you in person. Sending you all the positive vibes and best wishes in helping other mommies work through this life-consuming aversion. 

Much love and best regards 

Iman Baig

Consultation with 2-week support

Can’t say enough good things about Szilvia! It was our second time getting bottle version since our LO was born and it couldn’t have come at a worse time. It was his fourth leap, he was starting sleep regression, and in came our second round of bottle aversion. We were sleep-deprived and frustrated and despite having bought books and seen many doctors regarding bottle aversion, we tried to no avail. Szilvia was amazing from day 1. She checked in with us first thing in the morning and reviewed his feeding videos. She identified all his good and bad cues, behavioral issues, and his stop signals. She was always available throughout the day and provided very helpful tips in correcting some behavior while improving the feeding quality, quantity, and overall enjoyment of the feeds. She was helpful, accessible, and knowledgeable from beginning to end, and my husband and I could not recommend her highly enough! Thank you so much for all the knowledge and skills you have given us!


Consultation with 2-week support

From the moment we first met with Szilvia, we knew she was going to be able to help us. She understood the difficulties we’d been facing whilst feeding our son and she knew how stressed we were. Our little boy refused to take bottles unless he was asleep and she promised she could help change that. Within days, our baby was happily drinking milk awake in our arms. Her guidance and patience were truly appreciated. We will be forever thankful.

Claire & Barry

Consultation with 2-week support

My husband and I struggled for almost 2 months trying to bottle-feed our daughter of 5 months. I was desperate, because my materity leave was coming to an end. As if returning to work after having a baby wasn’t hard enough, I was dealing with a baby that didn’t want to drink out of a bottle. I couldn’t imaging leaving her hungry while I was away at work. During the 1,5 month of struggling to feed her I cried and sobbed in front of her. I begged her to accept the bottle. In short, I did all the wrong things one can imagine. All to no avail ofcourse. There were times I even started to resent her for it. But mostly, I felt defeated at every single try. I understood that my daughter’s bottle refusal wasn’t going to take care of itself. I needed help!

This brings me to Szilvia. I’m beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. Thanks to her expertise and daily assignments and encouragements my daughter of 5 months started drinking from a bottle in a very short amount of time. The proces of bottle-feeding comes with alot of question marks and emotions. Szilvia gave us hope and was always there to guide us through every step. Thanks a million, Szilvia. You are an angel:-)


Consultation with 2-week support, Boob To Bottle

My 4 month old was refusing the bottle, I could only feed him whilst drowsy or asleep. After seeing Specialists and being told my baby will just ‘grow out’ of his bottle aversion I found Szilvia. My babies bottle aversion was reversed within 6 days or less. I can now feed him normally and enjoy going out again. Szilvia, you have been amazing and saved my baby and my family and we are so thankful to you!

Sarah-Jane Fung

Consultation with 2-week support

My LO had a tongue tie revision at 3 months and we had a terrible experience with him developing a feeding aversion. We could only dream feed him and it was an incredibly stressful time for us, eventually, he got better with his tongue function but for day feeds, he still had some breast aversion. I had to spend most of my day trying to feed him and his daily intake was still low and the feeding experience was tough, not the bonding I had had before, he was always unhappy and fussy and not calm at the breast and would only feed a bit while awake, so I had to continue predominantly feeding him while drowsy/asleep. That meant we rarely went anywhere and my life revolved around his feeding. I had been following Szilvia on Instagram and was intrigued by whether the principles for dealing with bottle aversion would apply to breast aversion, so when she posted that she is looking for volunteers, I jumped on it. What stood out for me right away was how much she genuinely cared about helping me and my LO, and how meticulous she was with all of her questions to really understand my case – this made her wealth of experience immediately evident. Once she had analyzed my situation, she gave me a plan to work on and explained to me the principles, and gave me the encouragement I needed. Her daily check-ins were very supportive and I felt like she was cheering me on. For us, it worked in 2-3 days, after almost two months of struggling, to be able to confidently feed my LO with no stress, to get most of my day back instead of spending it on feeding, to be able to comfort him at my breast and to see him increase his daily intake and enjoy feeding has been absolutely amazing and we feel immensely grateful to Szilvia for helping us get there! I wish I had reached out to her even earlier. 

Pooja Suresh

Consultation with 2-week support, Breast Aversion

A few weeks after my baby Leila was born(she is 4 months old), I started to have breastfeeding issues with her. Her latch wasn’t very strong and she had some reflux symptoms and because of this she kept coming off the breast, arching her back, and crying. She was diagnosed with tongue-tie, which we had divided. However, even after the operation, she still kept demonstrating the same behavior. My days kept revolving around endless and stressful feeding battles. Leila was not gaining enough weight because of all of this. She was seen by so many pediatricians and lactation consultants and no one could work out what was wrong.

I came across Szilvia’s Instagram page by chance, and I was instantly fascinated by how lots of the bottle aversion symptoms she described were exactly the same as Leila’s. I had a meeting with her and we talked about how her behavior could be from her associations of feeding with bad feelings from the pain she had been in before. Szilvia went through a detailed program with me and outlined her amazing techniques l, which she had adapted for breastfeeding. She was so knowledgeable and reassuring, whilst also pointing out that I needed to stop forcing feeds and instead create positive associations for them. I saw an instant improvement in Leila’s feeding from the first day we started the training. Suddenly our feeds were longer and much calmer: she was no longer pushing herself away from the breast for every feed as she had done before. I am so so grateful to Szilvia for the miracle changes she has made to Leila’s feeding – it is so lovely to be able to enjoy our feeds together at last.

Hana Packford

Consultation with 2-week support, Breast Aversion

When I got in contact with Szilvia My baby and I was in a bad way. She was down to only drinking a small amount of milk a day and only while driving in the car seat or overnight in her sleep. With my baby having food intolerances, reflux, and being forced to amino acid formula I was convinced that my baby was never going to drink her milk from a bottle. Szilvia was so helpful in helping me to understand why my baby rejected the bottle and how we could work through it to drink from my arms. She taught me how to read my baby’s signs, relax, and never pressure her. With her daily check-ins, daily review of videos, and wealth of knowledge my baby is drinking from my arms, smiling, and feeding, in general, is a beautiful experience. Thank you Szilvia x

Louise Rizk

Consultation with 2-week support

Our son was struggling with reflux and as a result, would continuously refuse his bottle. We tried everything to get him to eat and some days we would resort to feeding him the majority of his bottles while he was sleeping. Thankfully, we were connected with Szilvia who explained what bottle aversion was and how to read our baby’s cues better. She watched every video we sent of us feeding him, provided feedback, and was always available to answer questions and offer encouragement. Within the first 24 hours, we saw incredible improvement and by the third day, our baby was reaching for his bottle and drinking every bottle awake. We are eternally grateful to Szilvia for helping us diagnose and treat our baby’s bottle aversion. We only wish we had found her earlier!


Consultation with 2-week support

Hi Szilvia I hope you don’t mind me reaching out to you, and I hope it’s not too late in the US as I’m in the UK and it’s first thing in the morning lol!

I just wanted to reach out and say that I cannot thank you enough for what you have done to help my family. I purchased your ebook on Sunday after trawling through your Instagram page all of Saturday night and when I woke up on Sunday I decided to take the leap and purchase it and begin your technique. 

My 5 and a half month old, Michael, went off his milk 8 weeks ago and our life has been very very tough since then. He was diagnosed as having reflux, a milk allergy, being a fussy baby, teething, going through a phase etc etc. But I just knew it was something else, something more to it. Our doctor insisted that we had weekly weighs to check that he wasn’t losing weight, but because he was still putting on weight and otherwise happy they said it was nothing to worry about.

Michael began screaming and arching his back the moment he saw the bottle and I spent every bottle time in tears, and him too. I felt like it was never going to end and I was struggling with how I was going to carry on like it. No one else could feed him, only me, I’d resorted to trying anything I could to distract him, and his only good bottle of the day was the last one at night when he was practically asleep. 

On week 2 of these 8 weeks we saw a health visitor for our weigh session and she told me that for his weight and height he should be having no less than 35 ounces a day and of course this then consumed me. I became obsessed and it was from here I started forcing him to eat. Thinking I was doing the right thing for him. 

I have been a complete mess ever since and our doctor recommended I be medicated, although I felt it was unnecessary as it was only to do with Michaels feeding that I felt this way.

When I read your ebook I finally understood what I had done wrong and how I had contributed to his clear bottle aversion. We started your steps immediately and I am so much more relaxed about feed times. As soon as Michael wants to stop, we stop and his consistency with his milk has improved greatly. Last night he drank 0.5 ounces before bed and my husband was a bit concerned but I said that he had obviously had what he wanted, I put him down (he sleeps all night so I knew he would wake if he was hungry) and he still slept all night so I knew he was satisfied. He has just woken up and drank his whole 7 ounces for the first time in a very very long time. I have no expectations of him now, he is free to drink as much or as little as he wants (he has never had less than 18 in a 16 hour period and never shows signs of dehydration)

Thank you so so much, I am recommending you to everyone I talk to who is struggling with bottle times and helping them to understand that they may still be pressuring their little one in some way!

I know we are not anywhere close to solving this completely for Michael, I expect him to relapse etc but I feel so prepared to support him now, whereas I felt so helpless before

Thank you, you truly have all of our gratitude and love 🤍 xxx  Danielle

Update a week later:

Hi lovely I just wanted to check in, we’ve had an amazing week! Michael drank 29 ounces one day which is the most he has had in those 2 months!!♥️ His norm the past 8 weeks have been around 20! 

And today we went out for breakfast as a family and I fed Michael in the restaurant and he ate happily even being in a new place with many distractions, he never once fussed or seemed to bother about anything other than his bottle!!♥️



I approached Szilvia after a very stressful 7 months of feeding difficulties with our baby. From birth, our baby never seemed to enjoy feeds. Medications for reflux, constipation, CMPA, and a tongue tie all lead to bottle aversion. We had resorted to trying to feed our baby in her chair in front of the TV as this was the only way we could feed her without her getting extremely upset. We felt completely lost on what to do and my confidence as a mother was at an all-time low.

It was such a relief to find someone that completely understood what we were going through. Szilvia was so knowledgeable and helped us to come up with a clear plan of action. She spoke to us every day throughout the process. It was so helpful having someone there to ask questions and support us when things were difficult or overwhelming.

We are now able to feed our baby without the television which is a huge thing for us. We let her lead us on what she wants to drink and we feel so much more relaxed about her feeds. If you are feeling like you need some support with feeding aversion I would highly recommend Szilvia.

Rachel Saunders

Consultation with 2-week support

I am so grateful for finding Szilvia! She was the only person who could help me resolve my baby’s feeding aversion. No other medical professional or books could help me through this tremendously terrifying and stressful experience. In fact, they made it worse. But Szilvia helped me understand where we needed to change our ways, continued to encourage me through frustrating and helpless moments, and reassured me every step of the way that we were making progress and it will get better. What I appreciated most about Szilvia was her daily check-ins and answering every question I had with details, despite the incredibly long emails I sent every day. She provides quick responses and makes herself available at all times. This was invaluable.


Consultation with 2-week support

Dear Szilvia

Thanks for helping me with my anxiety about feeding my baby. Being a first-time mother of a premature baby, I was worried about my baby’s intake. I was able to follow the tips and methods to calm down even during my baby’s vaccinations. It helps a great deal even throughout daily life.


Anxiety Coaching

At the age of 4months, my daughter had suddenly stopped drinking milk awake. I had thought she was teething but had also experienced the same issue with my first child when he was around 5 months and had dream-fed all his milk till he was 12 months. I was adamant that I did not want to go through the same stress again (i.e. timing all feeds when he was due a nap and not letting him fall asleep between feeds), so I trawled the internet for a remedy, as I was at my wit’s end. I was extremely fortunate to come across Szvlia’s page on Facebook about bottle feed aversion and her guide to remedying the issue. I followed this guide step by step and while Day 1 was the most challenging, my daughter only drank a little over 10oz over the day and I was worried she would get dehydrated. However, Szilvia was on hand to provide me with some guidance. By day 2, I had started to see some positive changes, with my daughter taking all her feeds awake and the volume increasing day by day. We are now on Day 22 and can happily say that with the guidance of Szilvia my daughter’s bottle aversion has now been remedied. I have no words to describe how grateful I am for her help, as I was seriously at the end of my tether. Szilvia has helped to make feeding stress-free and make motherhood enjoyable again! Her guide has taught me to trust my baby and has been an absolute godsend. I seriously cannot thank her enough!



My little one was stubborn as anything due to both medical and pressured bottle aversion ( severe reflux and 6 weeks of thrush left him barely eating unless we forced him to.) We began this program. My anxiety was through the roof.  

I cannot praise this program enough. Stick to it religiously. Never feed your baby when they don’t want to unless it’s urgent. Make sure they’re happy. Feed them out of your arms. I cannot even explain to you the turnaround we’ve had in under 2 weeks. All my stress has just gone. I used to literally sit in a dark room for my boy’s naps, poised with a bottle for when he twitched in hunger. As it would be the only time I would ever get the chance to feed him. I was petrified when we got to weaning. He’d reject solids too as he hated us putting anything towards his mouth. Things had got so bad. 

Now it’s all smiling, happy feeding, no stress and the day doesn’t revolve around making sure he’s eaten because I know he has. And that he will allow me to feed him when he’s hungry as we are rebuilding the trust. Stick it out, this is honestly the best thing I’ve done. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude.

Katy Sharpe


I had been experiencing a difficult time with my 4.5-month-old son who had developed a feeding aversion. The stress of the situation caused a lot of anxiety for me, and I knew that in order to improve the situation, I needed to decrease my anxiety. I am so happy that I booked a session with Szilvia because she worked magic and my anxiety dramatically decreased from one session alone! During the hour, she led me through several exercises using different techniques and strategies that really worked! After the session, I was already feeling calmer, but what convinced me that it truly worked was the next day, when I was hearing things in my head that we had talked about in the session like I was actually unconsciously saying them and I was so relaxed! I cannot thank Szilvia enough for helping me emotionally get through the difficult time with my son!! Beth


Anxiety Coaching

Our story started when our baby was a few months old. She was vomiting and having many spit-ups. We went to different pediatricians who told us that she had reflux, lactose intolerance, and even an allergy to milk proteins.

It all got worse when she turned 4 months. Our baby cried a lot even when we tried to put her in the feeding position. We struggled to feed her for 2 weeks and managed to do it only in her sleep or after an hour of trying to distract her.

My wife was the one who realized that our baby had bottle aversion and first found the book of Rowena Bennett. We were devastated after we realized what we had done, especially because we are both physicians.

The first day we tried Rowena’s method, we ended up in the ER because our baby didn’t eat for 14 hours. We were worried about dehydration. 

After that, we stayed a few days in the hospital. We changed our feeding method, and she somehow accepted the bottle but was not very happy about

it and had times when she refused and cried. Also, she ate less.

I found Szilvia on the internet and tried her approach. It was a little better from the first day. Our baby started to eat better but still had times when she cried or refused, but overall was improving.

One day, she refused to eat for about 8 hours. That day I wrote Szilvia an email. I didn’t have any hope for a quick response or a response at all.

Szilvia responded in less than a day.

From the beginning of our relationship, she was very kind and supportive. 

We sent her a few videos of our baby’s eating, and Szilvia opened our eyes again that we were still pressuring our baby with the feeding. She gave us good advice through different emails – and things started to get better and better.

But since we were very stressed and didn’t know if we were doing the perfect thing, we asked Szilvia for consultations.

She again gave us much good advice – and our baby, after a few days, started to smile when seeing the bottle; it was when we felt that the rock was lifted from our minds and souls.

She was improving and eating well, but we had another call because we wanted to make sure that the aversion wouldn’t come back. We learned our little one’s expressions and ways of telling us what she wanted.

From then on, we had almost no stress. The skills that we learned were also very helpful when we started solids, and I think they will be beneficial for the rest of our parenting life.

We thank Szilvia from our hearts. She is a very kind soul and a very, very precious person. 

A sweet family who wanted to stay anonymous

Consultation with 2-week support

I was looking for a way to help my daughter eat and enjoy bottle feeding. I was also looking for a way to build a trusting relationship and lessen my anxiety about her eating.

I had a belief that she had to eat a certain amount in a certain time frame otherwise something was wrong.

If I stayed where I was what my daughter would probably be on a feeding tube or worse.

Full disclosure, I used a combination of Szilvia’s method, the method described in “Your Baby’s Bottle Feeding Aversion Reasons and Solutions”, and a lot of praying to get us through. My daughter and I are finally in a good place when it comes to eating – she actively calls for the bottle again and reaches out to grab it. The best thing about Szilvia’s method is that it helps you build a trusting, happy bond with your baby that goes beyond feeding. It doesn’t mean my daughter finishes her bottles every single time – some days she eats more, some days less, sometimes every 3.5 hours, occasionally not until 5 hours and I’m learning that that’s okay and to trust my baby.

I’m so thankful that my baby girl is eating happily again and we have a deeper bond. I trust her to eat when and how much she wants and she trusts me to respond to her hunger and fullness cues.



I wanted help with feeding my 3-month-old son Oliver. Before finding you, I haven’t had any support from any health professionals and it seemed like they just didn’t understand or didn’t want to bother. 

I was too obsessed with how much he eats and I thought I’ve got to follow guidelines as advised by health professionals.

Luckily, I found you & could stop things from escalating.

Your book was a huge eye-opener to me. I would not even think that this is something that my baby could go through. Having a conversation with you and sharing all the things that were giving me anxiety was a huge relief. 

I stopped obsessing about how much baby eats & the most important thing you’ve thought me is to trust my baby. 

I feel calm, happy, stress-free and we’re all finally enjoying feeding times.

You opened my eyes hugely and I’ll be forever grateful.

Maša Tišlar

Ebook + Consultation

I wanted a solution to my situation—a step by step process to do. I felt clueless about what to do since I tried some ways, even consultation with doctors. I’m sure my baby would be underweight by now. The method looks so simple and easy to do. I feel so relieved and grateful! Thank you!

Mrs. Hartanto


I wanna say thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and guidance through this emotional time! I honestly couldn’t see us succeed, and it was always going to be a battle, but your words of wisdom and non-judgment helped me believe that it was going to happen. I just needed to be patient. Your daughter and husband are extremely lucky to have you!

Thuy T