The Bottle Aversion Coach

2-Week Ultimate Bottle Aversion Solution Program $800

Personalized Plan

Get complete clarity on how your baby’s bottle aversion works and then develop a tailored plan to help your baby overcome their aversion.

Full Support

Ongoing support and guidance for 2 weeks, including 2 Zoom calls for full support and success.

Ultimate Bottle Aversion Solution

End Your Feeding Battles! 

Booking the 2-week Ultimate Bottle Aversion Solution Program will fast-track your process of solving your baby’s bottle aversion. If you’ve tried everything and you are at your wit’s end, book this program.

Get complete clarity on how your baby's bottle aversion works and then develop a tailored plan to help your baby overcome their aversion.

Learn how to read your baby's body language to decipher when they are hungry and when they don't want to eat, which will help you not pressuring your baby, which is the leading cause of bottle aversion.

Develop resilience so that you can have the emotional strength to guide your baby through the aversion and not resort to pressuring if your baby happens to eat less that day. This is vital to help your baby change fast.

Guidance on how to make sure your baby won't get dehydrated.

Result in a few days, so your baby won't lose any weight in the process.

What Other Amazing Mamas Say

“Our son was struggling with reflux and as a result, would continuously refuse his bottle. We tried everything to get him to eat and some days we would resort to feeding him the majority of his bottles while he was sleeping. Thankfully, we were connected with Szilvia who explained what bottle aversion was and how to read our baby’s cues better. She watched every video we sent of us feeding him, provided feedback, and was always available to answer questions and offer encouragement. Within the first 24 hours, we saw incredible improvement and by the third day, our baby was reaching for his bottle and drinking every bottle awake. We are eternally grateful to Szilvia for helping us diagnose and treat our baby’s bottle aversion. We only wish we had found her earlier!” 


“When I got in contact with Szilvia My baby and I were in a bad way. She was down to only drinking a small amount of milk a day and only while driving in the car seat or overnight in her sleep. With my baby having food intolerances, reflux, and being forced to amino acid formula I was convinced that my baby was never going to drink her milk from a bottle. Szilvia was so helpful in helping me to understand why my baby rejected the bottle and how we could work through it to drink from my arms. She taught me how to read my baby’s signs, relax, and never pressure her. With her daily check-ins, daily review of videos, and wealth of knowledge my baby is drinking from my arms, smiling, and feeding, in general, is a beautiful experience. Thank you Szilvia x”

Louise Rizk

Is This Program Right For You and Your Baby?

  • Have you checked with your pediatrician to see if your baby has Tongue Tie or Reflux?
  • If your baby has Reflux, is it under control by medication?
  • Does your baby cry every time it’s time to eat?
  • Are you emotionally in a dark place?
If you answer yes to all of the above questions, then this program is designed for you and your baby.