pre-recorded video course with unlimited email support 

Szilvia Lanzas – The Bottle Aversion Coach


For babies who have BEHAVIORAL food aversion. You can start helping your baby within an hour after enrollment. 

You may have tried many different things and consulted with medical professionals. Nothing worked. You are stuck with pureed food or a handful of things your little one is willing to eat. Every mealtime is a battle and disappointment. I feel you. 

With this program, your child’s aversion will be over within 2 weeks, even if you have struggled for months. You can finally relax about your kid’s eating and bond with them in different ways, even during mealtimes. 

I would recommend this to any parent struggling with aversion.


I am grateful that I took this course as Szilvia guided us step by step to get out of solid aversion.” 


The best decision ever made as being a first time mom and dealing with lots of anxiety and depression


The course was a real eye-opener on how to best feed my baby to prevent aversion and to avoid them getting worse!


Having a child with food aversion is isolating and exhausting. The anxiety and guilt you feel daily are draining for everyone in the family.

You may feel hopeless and helpless, thinking your child will never eat well.

And things are not getting better. Your little one is getting older, and their will is stronger.

The distraction techniques that worked in the past stopped working.

Your child is eating less and less, and mealtimes are more intense than before.

If I say I can help your baby, you may not believe me. You probably heard this before.

It’s better to hear from parents like you, who I helped. 

I am Pujitha and I have enrolled for the 2 week solid aversion course by Szilvia. The best decision ever made as being first time mom and dealing with lots of anxiety and depression I was unable to handle the behavioural tantrums of lil one.

Szilvia was with me on each and every step tracking the progress the baby made and made me understood that the solutions are something such that it has be followed as a lifestyle rather than looking at them as short term solutions.

And it eased my anxiety and expectations on my baby.


Szilvia is a really good coach as she understands and validates our feelings and knows how to encourage us to follow this program and how to make it work.

I am grateful that I took this course as she guides us step-by-step to get out of solid aversion.

She is also following up everyday for 2 weeks and tells us how to handle problems while doing this program.

I followed many similar courses, and this one is my favorite as I can see significant changes in my son’s behavior towards food and milk. Thank you, Szilvia!


The course was a real eye-opener on how to best feed my baby to prevent aversions and to avoid them getting worse!

Szilvia was extremely engaging and gave quick responses any time I had questions about her feeding!

I know her feeding is a gradual change, and it won’t change overnight, but I have all the tools in my basket to have her enjoying feeds in the long run! 


I am really thankful for this course as, in fact, I learned a lot about what I was doing wrong. I also realized I wasn’t the only parent going through the same struggles.

When i implemented the little changes suggested in the course video, over the course of the days and weeks things got better.

My daughter is eating much better however, we still have a long way to go. I am ok with this as we moved away from pureed foods to her actually eating rice, pasta, cheese, breads, etc.

We have to see the little wins!!!

I would recommend this to any parent struggling with aversion. THANK YOU!


Helping babies with bottle aversion since 2020 allowed me to work with over a thousand families. That means over a thousand moms shared their feelings and struggles with me regarding bottles AND SOLIDS.

While there are countless programs and professionals to help introduce solids in different ways or deal with picky eaters, few focus on solving and avoiding aversion to solids.

I’ve developed my Aversion Free Solids program to fill the gap and give something to parents who have been battling with aversion since babyhood, starting with the bottle and continuing with solids. 

You may think your little one is different or worse than others. I know how it is worrying all day and night, not knowing what to do. 

This is why I offer individual and group attention with enrollment. You will have unlimited email support, and you can be part of a private group with other parents who are enrolled in the course. 

baby drinking calmly from a bottle after solving bottle aversion

You know when you go to a doctor, talk to them for 15 minutes, then be left alone with your questions and concerns? My Aversion Free Solids program is the opposite of that. I’m always just an email or text away to answer your questions, and you won’t ever feel isolated anymore.

To summarize, you will get:

  • Videos to watch and implement at your convenience
  • Unlimited email support for as long as you need it
  • A private Facebook group with other parents and Szilvia




– Your child is 8 months – 2 years.

– The aversion is strictly behavioral.

– Your child has no underlying condition that affects feeds.


– You just started to introduce solids to your baby.

– Your child is tube-fed.

– Your child has sensory issues. 

– Your child has a medical condition that affects feeds.