Are you ever confused about your baby’s hunger cues? I’m here to help! Some babies don’t show when they’re hungry, but I’ll explain why and share a cool trick to fix it. Keep reading!

Babies who are scared of bottles might not show when they’re hungry. Even if they’re starving, they stay quiet. Sometimes, they only show hunger when they’re sleeping. They move around or try to find food, but only at night, not during the day. Weird, right? They can go all day without eating!

Now, let’s talk about babies who don’t have aversion anymore. Some babies just never show hunger. Why? Well, there are two reasons. First, if you feed them on a schedule, they might not need to tell you they’re hungry because they know when it’s time to eat. Second, some babies use the same signals for different things, like being tired or sick. So, if your baby cries when hungry, it’s hard to tell what they need.

But guess what? I found a trick for this! My daughter never showed hunger, but I wanted her to have a way to tell me when she was hungry. It was super helpful when we traveled. She wanted to eat more on the plane, and I was glad she could tell me she was hungry. So, here’s the trick: teach your baby sign language.

milk sign for babies to show hunger cues

The sign for milk looks like milking a cow. Every time you offer the bottle, show them the sign. Say, “Do you want milk?” or “Milk, baby!” Make sure you show the sign and offer the bottle together every time. Soon, your baby will link the two together and start showing the sign, usually within a month. Babies can learn sign language after four months, so you can start now if your baby is older. If they’re younger, wait until they’re four months old.

I hope this trick helps your baby show hunger cues and gives you peace of mind. Thanks for reading!

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