Hey there, parents! Are you worried about your baby developing a dislike for food? Don’t fret! I’m Szilvia Lanzas, The Bottle Aversion Coach, and I’m here to share some tips to help you avoid food aversion in your little one.

  1. Let Your Baby Feed Themselves: Whether you choose purees or baby-led weaning, let your baby take the lead. Offer them the spoon, but let them explore and eat at their own pace.

  2. No Rules: Forget about forcing a specific order of foods or making your baby finish their plate. Offer various healthy options and let your baby decide what to eat and when.


  3. Keep It Natural: Avoid excessive praise or making a big deal out of each bite. Let eating be a relaxed and natural experience for your baby.


  4. Stay Positive: Keep the atmosphere at the table positive and calm. Avoid raising your voice or showing frustration, which can create negative associations with mealtime.

Remember, each baby is unique, and it’s okay if they take their time to explore and enjoy food. Suppose your baby is experiencing bottle aversion; focus on resolving that before introducing solids. And if you need extra help, check out my prerecorded video course for quick solutions.

Thanks for reading! 

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