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Szilvia Lanzas – The Bottle Aversion Coach


After helping over a thousand families, the Bottle Aversion Coach created the fastest, most gentle way of solving bottle aversion. 

(It’s for exclusively bottle-fed babies, not for breastfed babies who are refusing the bottle.)

Dear Mama,

If you want to feed your baby fully awake and even on the go…

And literally, have your baby demand the bottle and chug the milk down eagerly…

Then this will be the most important online course you’ll ever take.



“My baby is now drinking milk, totally awake and enjoying it! She loves her bottle! I can’t even thank Szilvia enough for this amazing life-changing journey.”


“He takes my breast and the bottle! He feels good in the feeding position. And he started to grow his chubby cheeks back!” 

Dasha Davalos

“My baby is drinking from my arms, smiling, and feeding, in general, is a beautiful experience. Thank you Szilvia x”

Louise Rizk

“Within 1 week his bottle aversion was gone. My son is now happy, healthy, and thriving. Szilvia not only helped my baby, Levi, but she helped our whole family.”

Melissa H.

My name is Szilvia Lanzas and 4 short years ago my daughter had bottle aversion and I was at my wit’s end with no hope and help.

I was a first-time mom, grieving my short-lived breastfeeding journey.

My daughter was 2 months old and screaming when I placed the bib on her.

It was impossible to feed her because of the screams and arching in the feeding position.

She didn’t even drink in her sleep.

I looked for a solution to no avail.

Then one day with the help of my hubby I discovered what caused the problem and solved our daughter’s bottle aversion within a week.

Our life changed completely.

My method is the only one that helps babies recover from bottle aversion within a week without losing too much weight.

I have helped over a thousand families …

⭕️ Go from experiencing every feeding as hell to having a peaceful, bonding feeding experience every single time. 🙏🏻

⭕️ Learn a simple way of immediately getting their babies to love the bottle – it’s like a miracle!

⭕️ Learn 7 things they should never do while feeding their babies – most of them would surprise you!

⭕️ Follow a tested feeding process that creates a beautiful bonding experience for both mom and baby. 

⭕️ Getting their babies to feed on the go – a dream come true!


Is this you?

“My baby started to have feeding issues at three months. We saw an Occupational Therapist, a Pediatric Gastroenterologist, a Nutritionist, a Pediatric Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor, and had ongoing appointments with his regular pediatrician.

My son was diagnosed with silent reflux and a dairy/soy intolerance. 

Still, with those diagnoses and the appropriate interventions, my baby struggled through every feeding unless he was asleep. His feedings ruled my life and caused a lot of stress within our family. 

Every day I worried he would dehydrate or not get the proper nutrition. He refused to eat from anyone other than me or one daycare provider. He refused to breastfeed, and he refused formula. I was chained to a pump and felt so depressed that I could not do something as simple as feed my baby. 

This was not my first child. I knew what a satisfied and hungry baby looked like… but this baby? He never showed those signs. He could go for hours without eating and then still appear upset when I tried to feed him. 

Every day I prayed to God for a miracle. I’m not religious mind you, but desperation will drive a person towards spirituality. EVERY DAY I PRAYED FOR NINE MONTHS. Every day I fantasized about dropping my adorable baby boy, Levi, off at the hospital so that someone else could figure out how to feed him, that someone could figure out what was going on, and honestly, just for a break. I felt so guilty for having these thoughts and feelings. I prayed and prayed. I thought God had forgotten about us.” – Melissa


Most solutions don’t deal with the problem of the baby getting upset in the feeding position and when seeing the bottle.

Since they leave things as they are, this leads to more suffering. Despite doing something different, babies don’t change or quickly regress after changing. 

The first step in my system is to link good feelings to the feeding position and the bottle; hence, babies are receptive to changes.

And this is the reason why regressions rarely happen. So you get to enjoy your baby for the rest of your bottle-feeding journey.

This step will also help with the weaning process. You won’t feel rushed to introduce solids, and your baby can go at their own pace, creating a peaceful transition for the whole family. 

The feeding process is a crucial part of helping your baby.

Most solutions have the general idea of no-pressure feeding and making feeding enjoyable. Still, almost all of them are missing critical details of how to do it in a way that creates change. 

My program guides you through each step of the feeding process with precision using demos so you will be crystal clear about what to do to link good feelings to feedings. Thus creating change within a few days.

This step will also help you in the future whenever your baby shows signs of discomfort during feeds. This is a lifelong skill that you can use even with solids. 

The last step is to get your baby back to eating in your arms, so you can meet friends, travel, and feed on the go.

You will finally enjoy your family and create memories with your little one. 

All these steps together give you a process that helps your baby recover from bottle aversion. It will allow your family to enjoy your baby and create happy memories without worrying about feedings. 

baby drinking calmly from a bottle after solving bottle aversion

I fully understand if you are skeptical. After all, you heard many times that this will be the right solution for your baby. So I don’t expect you to blindly take my word for it. Instead, see why other mamas are raving about my program.

Do you remember Melissa? Here is the rest of her story:

Then, one day, I randomly found Szilvia online. My baby was almost one. I stumbled across her one day when I panicked and desperately googling symptoms for my son. Surely we were her worst case… could she help us? I was willing to try anything. 

At that point, my son was almost 1 yr old and drinking 6 oz a day. I was using a syringe to squirt water in his mouth throughout the day, and we had gone to the ER that week as he had gone 12 hours without a wet diaper (he had the stomach flu as well). 

Szilvia was the answer to my prayers after nine long months. Within one week, his bottle aversion was gone, and within two weeks, his volume increased. My son is now happy, healthy, and thriving. He is eating dairy and soy and is off his reflux medication. He drinks bottles anywhere now and even holds his bottle.

If he doesn’t finish his bottle, it’s okay. I know he will be just fine… he’s just communicating to me that he is all done for the moment. 

Szilvia not only helped my baby, Levi, but she helped our whole family. I think of her every time I feed my baby, and each time I feed my baby, I feel so blessed that we are no longer struggling with his bottle aversion. Thank you, Szilvia!!!” – Melissa

And this is Melissa’s baby, Levi, after recovering from bottle aversion:

And some more stories by mamas, like you:

I had a premature IUGR baby @ 35 weeks due to pre-eclampsia. He followed the 2nd percentile for about 3 months, then he began faltering in weight gain and dropped to the 0.4th.

I was distraught, I felt like all I did every day was feed my baby – trying to get the extra oz in whenever I could to help him “catch up.”

As a nurse myself, I knew what his ‘recommended’ daily intake should be and obsessed over him reaching it. I pressured him to feed. He vomited at least once, if not multiple times a day. He started battling/fighting me for every feed. He would cry – zip his lips and not take his bottle. I could only get milk into him when he was sleeping.

I was absolutely miserable, and so was he. We didn’t leave the house because my life revolved around making sure he drank what he was ‘supposed’ to. I began Googling – ‘Why won’t my baby drink his bottle.’

Through different clicks, I came across Szilvia on Youtube then subsequently found her Instagram page @thebottleaversioncoach. Even just finding learning the term ‘Bottle Aversion’ gave me such relief. There was a name for the misery we were going through.

I purchased her Workshop as I felt I needed help to overcome his aversion at 5 months old/4 months corrected. After watching her workshop one evening, I started applying the rules/technique the following day. The first few days are laden with anxiety, but the workshop has great tips to help relax before every feed.

If you trust the process, you will see results. Within 3 days, my baby would accept feeds/look me in the eye while drinking his bottle happily. Then the volumes increased in the 3 days following that up to 21oz then 24oz and he has stayed there since and is following his growth curve on that amount. Exactly what he needs but a little bit less than what the textbooks say.

Since following the technique, my baby hasn’t vomited once. Not a single time. Thanks to Szilvia, I have learned to trust that my baby will drink exactly what he needs, and most importantly, he has learned to trust me again too.

If you are struggling and resonate with anything I’ve said above, then I really recommend Szilvia’s bottle aversion workshop – it works!”


2 weeks later and my baby is eating with one little burp break, and yesterday he ate his bottle for me in the mall!!! Haven’t been able to do that in months!!! Thank you!!!

He is also eager now for his bottle and excited and pulls it to his mouth to drink! No more back arching or crying, not afraid of his actual bottle anymore, he taps and plays with it after his feed which he was NEVER able to do before!

The local feeding team we work with is so pleased with his accomplishments, and I told them about you and how much you were able to help me and my husband and our baby!!!

The whole joyful reconnecting and positivity around feeds and his attitude towards his bottle have been huge in changing things for us! ” 


“We struggled with bottle aversion of our 7-month-old daughter. It started when she was 9 weeks old, and from then onwards, every feeding was a battle.

There was a time when she stopped dream feeding as well.

I got to know about Szilvia when I was searching about how to resolve bottle aversion. I contacted her on Instagram and then bought her course.

The First 3 days were really difficult, but Szilvia was there with us all the time and helped us in our toughest times.

During those 3 days, she hardly had 30 mls while awake, but after the 3rd day, she started drinking 60 mls.

Her volume went up after 3 to 4 weeks, and now she drinks happily in our arms and without distractions. The dream feeding has now stopped completely.

Thanks to Szilvia again for all the help. I can’t thank her enough.” 

A precious mama who wanted to stay anonymous


Here is just a fraction of what you will discover within the course 

⭕️ Learn how powerful your baby’s mind is. (No medical professionals will ever tell you about this!)

⭕️ Understand how to change your baby’s behavior successfully. (It’s simpler than you think!)

⭕️ Discover the 3 key ingredients to stop living your life in hell. This will create a breakthrough that your baby simply can’t resist.

⭕️ 7 things you should never do while feeding your baby (most of them will surprise you!)

⭕️ A tested feeding process that will create trust and bonding with your baby. There is no way your baby can get upset.

⭕️ A helpful way of timing your feeds. No more confusion about hunger cues!


And this is just the beginning! Here’s more…

⭕️ Learn about your baby’s body language. You will always feel confident knowing if your baby wants the bottle or not. Life will become easy!!!

⭕️ What you must do right away to get your baby calm in the feeding position. This will make such a huge difference!!

⭕️ A proven and predictable way of getting your baby to drink in your arms, even on the go. (A dream come true!!)

⭕️ How to eradicate possible mistakes so there is no way you can make things worse!!

⭕️ Exactly what to do on your very first day so you can 1.) Have the confidence that you are doing the right things 2.) Build unshakable trust with your baby, and 3.) Create an unbreakable bond with your baby. 

⭕️Discover a short process that will immediately get you in a peaceful state of mind. You won’t block your baby’s progress by being too anxious. 

⭕️ Quick solutions for the 7 most common problems that can come up while doing the program. You will always feel confident and supported. 

Whoah! That’s a lot of proven and tested strategies to get your baby to drink happily from the bottle within a week. 

And it’s stuff nobody else can teach you, because they didn’t help over a thousand babies recover from bottle aversion.  



And this is why I’m keeping the price of my online video course at a reasonable level.

The investment for the Bottle Aversion Solution Online Video Course is $375

Ask yourself…

Is this reasonable when you compare it to how much formula you have thrown away? Is this reasonable when you compare it to all the social events, trips, walks, and sleep you have lost over your feeding struggles?

If it is, then this program is for you.

And you won’t just get some videos to watch.

You will have access to me and never be alone with your struggles. I will personally help you along the way.


If your baby doesn’t recover from bottle aversion within two weeks, I will give your money back. 

Disclaimer: I don’t want this money-back guarantee to be your backup. The program will work only if you give it all and don’t think of backing out, just because you have this option. I want you and your baby to succeed, so i will make it a bit harder to get your money back.

The criteria to ask for a refund:

– You asked for my help (it’s included in the program, so use it. Reach out to me if you don’t see progress within 3 days or earlier.)

– You followed my guidance after asking for help and we exhausted all the possibilities and nothing worked. 

There! You have nothing to lose! You can only lose the bottle aversion. 

CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW TO GET STARTED. You will be redirected to my course page, where you will pay and access the Bottle Aversion Solution Online Video Course.


Is This Program Right For You And Your Baby?

Who Is This For:

  • Your baby shows signs of bottle aversion.
  • Your baby has no reflux, or the reflux is under control.
  • Your baby took the bottle calmly before, and you are not exclusively breastfeeding.
  • Your baby has no tongue-tie, or it was reversed at least a week ago.
  • Your baby has no thrush.
  • Your baby has no other underlying conditions that affect feedings.
  • Your baby has CMPA and is on prescription formula

Who Is This NOT For:

  • Your baby has reflux symptoms.
  • Your baby is exclusively breast-fed and never accepted the bottle before, or it happened months ago.
  • Your baby is not latching correctly and has discomfort while drinking (check for tongue-tie.)
  • Your baby has thrush.
  • Your baby has other underlying conditions that affect feedings.
  • Your baby accepts the bottle calmly every time but drinks less than you expect.
  • Your baby drinks water well from the same bottle (try a different formula.)


You made it till the end 🙂

And, in case you’re one of those people who skip to the end, here’s the deal:

You will get an online video course with everything you need to solve your baby’s bottle aversion and change your family’s life completely. 

The investment is $375 

I personally guarantee it will solve your baby’s bottle aversion within two weeks, or you will get your money back.  

If you are ready to stop dream-feeding, stop being stuck at home 24/7, and stop feeling depressed because of your baby’s feedings, hit the button below and get started. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight will my baby lose in the process?

Babies lose a bit of weight in the first 2-3 days, but they will start gaining it back immediately.

What’s the difference between your ebook and your course?

My ebook has step 2 only, the feeding process. My curse has every step with troubleshooting and demos, so you have all the necessary visuals and help.

How do I know this will work for my baby?

Please read this article to help you determine if your baby has bottle aversion or something else.

Can I ask questions during the process?

Yes, you can ask questions via email.

My baby goes to daycare. Do I have to keep her home the whole time?

It typically takes 4-5 days to recover from bottle aversion. It’s recommended to keep your baby home for the first week. After that, explain to your daycare team how to feed your baby to keep the progress going.

What if I need more support?

You will have the option to book a 1-week consultation with me for a reduced fee.