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The Bottle Aversion Coach

Bottle Aversion (virtual) Consultation with 2-week support 612 USD


Only available for families who completed my online video course.


If you’ve tried different bottles, nipples, formulas, seen pediatricians, a GI, and a feeding therapist and your baby is still the same, and you want to go out with your family and friends and feed your baby on the go, book now.

It’s the most gentle way of solving your baby’s bottle aversion. Your baby will lose little to no weight and start gaining weight within a week.

Personalized Solution

A step-by-step plan to help your baby recover from bottle aversion.

Daily check-ins after our Zoom call until you solve your baby’s bottle aversion or up to 2 weeks. You will never be alone with your struggles.

What To Expect

Your baby’s volume will start to go up within 72 hours without pressure. 

Your baby will completely recover from bottle aversion within 3-5 days.

Your baby will drink calmly and happily in your arms within 2 weeks.

Bottle Aversion Consultation

End Your Feeding Battles! Personalized Bottle Aversion SOLUTION. 

The program involves working closely with me one-on-one for two weeks on the following and results happen in a few days.

Together, these four points make up the system that I used to help solve my own baby’s bottle aversion and which I have used to help 100s of families solve their baby’s bottle aversion.

The program includes one one-on-one Zoom meeting and two weeks of daily support through WhatsApp. The time frame is two weeks total.

Get complete clarity on how your baby's bottle aversion works and then develop a tailored plan to help your baby overcome their aversion.

Linking good feelings to feedings by using my Joyful Reconnecting Process.

Learn how to read your baby's body language to decipher when they are hungry and when they don't want to eat, which will help you not pressuring your baby, which is the leading cause of bottle aversion.

Guidance on how to make sure your baby won't get dehydrated.

I’ve helped thousands of families. Here are some of their stories.

“I am so grateful for finding Szilvia! She was the only person who could help me resolve my baby’s feeding aversion. No other medical professional or books could help me through this tremendously terrifying and stressful experience. In fact, they made it worse.

But Szilvia helped me understand where we needed to change our ways, continued to encourage me through frustrating and helpless moments, and reassured me every step of the way that we were making progress and it will get better.

What I appreciated most about Szilvia was her daily check-ins and answering every question I had with details, despite the incredibly long emails I sent every day.

She provides quick responses and makes herself available at all times. This was invaluable.”


“I approached Szilvia after a very stressful 7 months of feeding difficulties with our baby. From birth, our baby never seemed to enjoy feeds. Medications for reflux, constipation, CMPA, and a tongue tie all lead to bottle aversion. We had resorted to trying to feed our baby in her chair in front of the TV as this was the only way we could feed her without her getting extremely upset. We felt completely lost on what to do and my confidence as a mother was at an all-time low.

It was such a relief to find someone that completely understood what we were going through. Szilvia was so knowledgeable and helped us to come up with a clear plan of action. She spoke to us every day throughout the process. It was so helpful having someone there to ask questions and support us when things were difficult or overwhelming.

We are now able to feed our baby without the television which is a huge thing for us. We let her lead us on what she wants to drink and we feel so much more relaxed about her feeds. If you are feeling like you need some support with feeding aversion I would highly recommend Szilvia.”

Rachel Saunders

“Our son was struggling with reflux and as a result, would continuously refuse his bottle. We tried everything to get him to eat and some days we would resort to feeding him the majority of his bottles while he was sleeping.

Thankfully, we were connected with Szilvia who explained what bottle aversion was and how to read our baby’s cues better.

She watched every video we sent of us feeding him, provided feedback, and was always available to answer questions and offer encouragement.

Within the first 24 hours, we saw incredible improvement and by the third day, our baby was reaching for his bottle and drinking every bottle awake.

We are eternally grateful to Szilvia for helping us diagnose and treat our baby’s bottle aversion. We only wish we had found her earlier!” 


“When I got in contact with Szilvia My baby and I were in a bad way. She was down to only drinking a small amount of milk a day and only while driving in the car seat or overnight in her sleep.

With my baby having food intolerances, reflux, and being forced to amino acid formula I was convinced that my baby was never going to drink her milk from a bottle.

Szilvia was so helpful in helping me to understand why my baby rejected the bottle and how we could work through it to drink from my arms.

She taught me how to read my baby’s signs, relax, and never pressure her. With her daily check-ins, daily review of videos, and wealth of knowledge my baby is drinking from my arms, smiling, and feeding, in general, is a beautiful experience.

Thank you Szilvia x”

Louise Rizk

“My 4-month-old was refusing the bottle, I could only feed him whilst drowsy or asleep. After seeing Specialists and being told my baby will just “grow out” of his bottle aversion I found Szilvia.

My baby’s bottle aversion was reversed within 6 days or less. I can now feed him normally and enjoy going out again.

Szilvia, you have been amazing and saved my baby and my family and we are so thankful to you!”

Sarah-Jane Fung

“From the moment we first met with Szilvia, we knew she was going to be able to help us. She understood the difficulties we’d been facing whilst feeding our son and she knew how stressed we were.

Our little boy refused to take bottles unless he was asleep and she promised she could help change that.

Within days, our baby was happily drinking milk awake in our arms.

Her guidance and patience were truly appreciated. We will be forever thankful.”

Claire & Barry

Is This Consultation Right For You and Your Baby?

Who Is This For:

  • Your baby shows signs of bottle aversion.
  • Your baby has no reflux, or the reflux is under control.
  • Your baby took the bottle calmly before, and you are not exclusively breastfeeding.
  • Your baby has no tongue-tie, or it was reversed at least a week ago.
  • Your baby has no thrush.
  • Your baby has no other underlying conditions that affect feedings.
  • Your baby has CMPA and is on prescription formula

Who Is This NOT For:

  • Your baby has reflux symptoms.
  • Your baby is exclusively breast-fed and never accepted the bottle before, or it happened months ago.
  • Your baby is not latching correctly and has discomfort while drinking (check for tongue-tie.)
  • Your baby has thrush.
  • Your baby has other underlying conditions that affect feedings.
  • Your baby accepts the bottle calmly every time but drinks less than you expect.
  • Your baby drinks water well from the same bottle (try a different formula.)


I'm scared my baby will lose weight and will be a failure to thrive

It's a valid fear. In the beginning, your baby will eat less than usual because she will be learning to be in control of her feedings. This period typically lasts for 24-72 hours. Your baby will have enough nutrition to stay hydrated and develop appropriately, but she may lose a little weight that she will gain back within a week or so.

Your baby will lose less weight than keeping the dream-feeds and pressuring in the long term. There will come a time when your baby will be too old to get all her feeds while asleep, and many times around seven months, babies start to refuse dream-feeds because they begin to realize what's happening.

I'm worried that I will make things worse

I helped my daughter and helped hundreds of babies too. I know the precise steps and behaviors you need to do to help your baby. I will be with you every step of the way so you can't make things worse.

The only way you can make things worse is that you keep doing what you are doing, the things that caused the aversion in the first place.

I'm scared my baby will get dehydrated

I have a precise guide included in the program that makes it impossible for your baby to get dehydrated. By working together, you will know what to do to avoid dehydration.

I don't want my baby to get an NG tube

Your baby would get an NG tube if she was utterly refusing for several days and constantly in danger of dehydration. I've helped hundreds of babies, and every baby who stayed with me till the end of the program avoided the NG tube.

Babies who get an NG tube are severe cases when the pressure continues for months and parents are unable to stop.

I'm scared of all the screaming and feeling guilty

After helping hundreds of babies, I can honestly say that there is not a lot of screaming happening once you start solving your baby's bottle aversion.

During the first few days, while babies learn to control their feedings, they passively refuse the bottle, and once in a while, they become over-hungry and cry, but that's a small part of the day. Most of the day is calm, and no screaming happens. At least not because of hunger.

I'm worried, my baby's sleep will be distrupted and it will lead to a reverse cycle due to less daytime calories

Your baby will indeed have less milk in the first few days. And it can distract your baby's sleep too in these first few days. In my experience, as babies start drinking more and more during the daytime, they naturally go back to their normal sleep cycle. It usually takes two-three days.

This sleep interruption is way less than what would occur if you waited till your baby becomes old enough to refuse dream-feeds too.

My partner doesn't think we have a problem and I can't pay without his approval

Often, when partners are not home much or never feed the baby, they think there is no problem or think mom is exaggerating.

Try to explain to your partner how you feel about your baby's feedings and how it impacts your life as a family. 

For example: "I feel I'm at my wit's end and I don't know what to do. Every time I feed our baby, I'm extremely stressed and just want to cry. I feel like I can't enjoy our baby and I'm not being the best partner to you either. I found this program that I believe would help our baby in a short time and I could finally pay more attention to you and to our baby in different ways. Could you please support us with this. It would mean the world to me."



How long will it take to solve my baby's bottle aversion?

Based on my experience, it takes 4-7 days to solve bottle aversion. After this initial period, babies drink more and more every day for about 7-10 days when they reach the volume they need.

How much milk will my baby drink at the end?

I don't know. Every baby is different, so their needs are different too.

While there are recommendations based on weight and age, those can't be true for every baby.

Babies know how many calories they need. Their bodies know. So the only person who knows how much your baby needs is your baby.

Once the aversion is solved, your baby will drink as much as he needs.

Would your program work if there were more people feeding my baby?

Yes. As long as everybody is following the same steps, my program would work for your baby. I've worked with families where 2-3 people were feeding and the baby recovered just as fast as others. 

Is a two-month-old baby too young to have an aversion?

No baby is too young to have an aversion. Bottle aversion is an unconscious response to traumatic events, which could be a single event or to continuous pain or pressure. 

I'm in Europe. Can we still work together?

If you are in the UK, you are 6 hours ahead. If you are in other parts of Europe, you are 7 hours ahead. I've worked with many families from Europe. I will be available to support you daily from 3 pm till midnight. 

I'm in Australia. Can we still work together?

If you live in Australia, I won't be able to respond to your messages immediately. I've worked with a few Aussies and we made it work, but it's not ideal. If you need my daily support and you are okay with not having an immediate response to most of your messages, then we can work together. 

If you are okay with following a program without daily support, please check out my video course. HERE. 

When is your next available appointment?

You can go to my calendar to check my availability. Please only schedule after paying. Once you have paid, you will receive an email with more information and with the link to schedule your zoom call.


Is there a guarantee or refund?

There is no guarantee and no refund. 

Families I've worked with, and they stuck with the program got results 90% of the time.