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The Bottle Aversion Coach

Bottle Aversion Consultation with 2-week support $350

(Feeding your baby in your arms calmly – priceless)

Personalized Solution

A step-by-step plan to help your baby recover from bottle aversion.

Daily check-ins after our Zoom call until you solve your baby’s bottle aversion or up to 2 weeks. You will never be alone with your struggles.

What To Expect

Your baby’s volume will start to go up within 72 hours without pressure. 

Your baby will completely recover from bottle aversion within 4-10 days.

Your baby will drink calmly and happily in your arms within 2 weeks.

Bottle Aversion Consultation

End Your Feeding Battles! Personalized Bottle Aversion SOLUTION. 

The program involves working closely with me one-on-one for two weeks on the following and results happen in a few days.

Together, these four points make up the system that I used to help solve my own baby’s bottle aversion and which I have used to help 100s of families solve their baby’s bottle aversion.

The program includes one one-on-one Zoom meeting and two weeks of daily support through WhatsApp. The time frame is two weeks total.

Get complete clarity on how your baby's bottle aversion works and then develop a tailored plan to help your baby overcome their aversion.

Linking good feelings to feedings by using my Joyful Reconnecting Process.

Learn how to read your baby's body language to decipher when they are hungry and when they don't want to eat, which will help you not pressuring your baby, which is the leading cause of bottle aversion.

Guidance on how to make sure your baby won't get dehydrated.

What Other Amazing Mamas Say

“I am so grateful for finding Szilvia! She was the only person who could help me resolve my baby’s feeding aversion. No other medical professional or books could help me through this tremendously terrifying and stressful experience. In fact, they made it worse. But Szilvia helped me understand where we needed to change our ways, continued to encourage me through frustrating and helpless moments, and reassured me every step of the way that we were making progress and it will get better. What I appreciated most about Szilvia was her daily check-ins and answering every question I had with details, despite the incredibly long emails I sent every day. She provides quick responses and makes herself available at all times. This was invaluable.”


“I approached Szilvia after a very stressful 7 months of feeding difficulties with our baby. From birth, our baby never seemed to enjoy feeds. Medications for reflux, constipation, CMPA, and a tongue tie all lead to bottle aversion. We had resorted to trying to feed our baby in her chair in front of the TV as this was the only way we could feed her without her getting extremely upset. We felt completely lost on what to do and my confidence as a mother was at an all-time low.

It was such a relief to find someone that completely understood what we were going through. Szilvia was so knowledgeable and helped us to come up with a clear plan of action. She spoke to us every day throughout the process. It was so helpful having someone there to ask questions and support us when things were difficult or overwhelming.

We are now able to feed our baby without the television which is a huge thing for us. We let her lead us on what she wants to drink and we feel so much more relaxed about her feeds. If you are feeling like you need some support with feeding aversion I would highly recommend Szilvia.”

Rachel Saunders

Is This Consultation Right For You and Your Baby?

  • Have you checked with your pediatrician to see if your baby has Tongue Tie or Reflux?
  • If your baby has Reflux, is it under control?
  • Does your baby show signs of bottle aversion?
If you answer yes to all of the above questions, then this consultation is designed for you and your baby.