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The Bottle Aversion Coach

Breast Aversion Consultation with 2-week support 987 USD


(Nursing your baby calmly – priceless)

Personalized Solution

A step-by-step plan to help your baby recover from breast aversion. 

Daily check-ins after our Zoom call until you solve your baby’s breast aversion or up to 2 weeks. You will never be alone with your struggles.

What To Expect

Your baby will latch easier and and begin nursing calmer within 24 hours.

Your baby will completely recover from breast aversion within 4-10 days.

Breast Aversion Consultation

End Your Feeding Battles! Personalized Breast Aversion SOLUTION. 

The program involves working closely with me one-on-one for two weeks on the following and results happen in a few days.

Together, these four points make up the system that I used to help solve my own baby’s bottle aversion and which I have used to help 100s of families solve their baby’s bottle- and breast aversion.

The program includes one one-on-one Zoom meeting and two weeks of daily support through WhatsApp. The time frame is two weeks total.

Get complete clarity on how your baby's breast aversion works and then develop a tailored plan to help your baby overcome their aversion.

Linking good feelings to feedings by using my Joyful Reconnecting Process.

Learn how to read your baby's body language to decipher when they are hungry and when they don't want to eat, which will help you not pressuring your baby, which is the leading cause of breast aversion.

Guidance on how to make sure your baby won't get dehydrated.

What Other Amazing Mamas Say


“A few weeks after my baby Leila was born 9she is 4 months old), I started to have breastfeeding issues with her. Her latch wasn’t very strong and she had some reflux symptoms and because of this she kept coming off the breast, arching her back, and crying. She was diagnosed with tongue-tie, which we had divided. However, even after the operation, she still kept demonstrating the same behavior. My days kept revolving around endless and stressful feeding battles. Leila was not gaining enough weight because of all of this. She was seen by so many pediatricians and lactation consultants and no one could work out what was wrong.

I came across Szilvia’s Instagram page by chance, and I was instantly fascinated by how lots of the bottle aversion symptoms she described were exactly the same as Leila’s. I had a meeting with her and we talked about how her behavior could be from her associations of feeding with bad feelings from the pain she had been in before. Szilvia went through a detailed program with me and outlined her amazing techniques l, which she had adapted for breastfeeding. She was so knowledgeable and reassuring, whilst also pointing out that I needed to stop forcing feeds and instead create positive associations for them.

I saw an instant improvement in Leila’s feeding from the first day we started the training. Suddenly our feeds were longer and much calmer: she was no longer pushing herself away from the breast for every feed as she had done before. I am so so grateful to Szilvia for the miracle changes she has made to Leila’s feeding – it is so lovely to be able to enjoy our feeds together at last.”

Hana Packford

“My LO had a tongue tie revision at 3 months and we had a terrible experience with him developing a feeding aversion. We could only dream feed him and it was an incredibly stressful time for us, eventually, he got better with his tongue function but for day feeds, he still had some breast aversion. I had to spend most of my day trying to feed him and his daily intake was still low and the feeding experience was tough, not the bonding I had had before, he was always unhappy and fussy and not calm at the breast and would only feed a bit while awake, so I had to continue predominantly feeding him while drowsy/asleep. That meant we rarely went anywhere and my life revolved around his feeding.

I had been following Szilvia on Instagram and was intrigued by whether the principles for dealing with bottle aversion would apply to breast aversion, so when she posted that she is looking for volunteers, I jumped on it.

What stood out for me right away was how much she genuinely cared about helping me and my LO, and how meticulous she was with all of her questions to really understand my case – this made her wealth of experience immediately evident. Once she had analyzed my situation, she gave me a plan to work on and explained to me the principles, and gave me the encouragement I needed. Her daily check-ins were very supportive and I felt like she was cheering me on.

For us, it worked in 2-3 days, after almost two months of struggling, to be able to confidently feed my LO with no stress, to get most of my day back instead of spending it on feeding, to be able to comfort him at my breast and to see him increase his daily intake and enjoy feeding has been absolutely amazing and we feel immensely grateful to Szilvia for helping us get there! I wish I had reached out to her even earlier.”

Pooja Suresh

Is This Consultation Right For You and Your Baby?

  • Have you checked with your pediatrician to see if your baby has Tongue Tie or Reflux?
  • If your baby has Reflux, is it under control?
  • Does your baby show signs of breast aversion?
If you answer yes to all of the above questions, then this consultation is designed for you and your baby.