less stress coaching

With Martin Lanzas (Szilvia’s husband)

Reduce Your Anxiety and Stress About Feedings so You can Help Your Baby Overcome Bottle Aversion


Immediate Help

My husband, Martin, will help you with your stress and anxiety about feedings so you will be calm enough to help your baby overcome their bottle aversion. 

Follow Up

We will follow up in a few days after our call to see how you are doing and if you need any additional support. 

Less Stress Coaching

Are You Too Stressed And Anxious About Your Baby’s Feedings? 

Booking a Less Stress Coaching Session will enable you to help your baby recovering from bottle aversion. You will be calm and relaxed, even if your baby doesn’t eat as much as you’d like.  If you’ve tried everything and you are still pressuring your baby at times because you feel too anxious, book a coaching session.

Immediate help for your stress and anxiety.

Becoming confident about your baby's feedings.

Follow up.

What Other Amazing Mamas Say

“Thanks for helping me with my anxiety about feeding my baby. Being a first-time mother of a premature baby, I was worried about my baby’s intake. I was able to follow the tips and methods to calm down even during my baby’s vaccinations. It helps a great deal even throughout daily life.” 


“I am so happy that I booked a session with Szilvia because she worked magic and my anxiety dramatically decreased from one session alone! What convinced me that it truly worked was the next day, when I was hearing things in my head that we had talked about in the session like I was actually unconsciously saying them and I was so relaxed! I cannot thank Szilvia enough for helping me emotionally get through the difficult time with my son!!”