Today we’re going to talk about something called “bottle aversion.” It’s when babies feel scared of eating from their bottles. Just like some people are afraid of elevators, some babies are afraid of their bottles. But, don’t worry! We’re going to learn how to spot it and fix it. Let’s dive in!

What Is Bottle Aversion?

It is like a big fear. Imagine being really hungry but too scared to eat. Even though they need to eat, they just can’t because they’re scared. Sometimes, these babies might eat when they’re sleepy or watching cartoons because they’re not thinking about being scared.

How to Know If It’s Bottle Aversion

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if it’s bottle aversion or something else like tummy trouble (reflux) or a tongue tie. Babies with bottle aversion might not want to eat, get upset when they see a bottle, or only eat when they’re sleepy or distracted. They might not even seem hungry for a long time.

why does my baby cry while eating formula

What to Do If Your Baby Has Bottle Aversion

If you think your baby might not like their bottle because they’re scared, here’s what you can do:

  • Change how you hold your baby when you feed them.
  • If putting on a bib makes them upset, try feeding without one.
  • Don’t force them to eat. If they don’t want to drink, it’s okay to try again later.

If you need help figuring out what’s going on, there’s a quick quiz you can take. It takes only 30 seconds. TAKE THE QUIZ.

Checking for Other Problems

If your baby seems in pain when eating or can’t drink properly, they might have reflux or a tongue tie. You’ll need to see a special dentist for babies to check for a tongue tie. Regular doctors aren’t experts in this. For reflux, see your pediatrician. 

So, that’s the scoop on bottle aversion! Remember, every baby is different, and asking for help is okay if needed. Thanks for reading!

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